Pre-Primary Curriculum

Pre Primary School

In the pre primary the Early Education Programme is followed wherein the best of National and International practices are selected and innovatively implemented to make teaching enjoyable, interactive and creative for little children. The integrated thematic curriculum approach makes the learning experience at Redbridge a unique one. The curriculum is theme based and concepts taught in class integrate different subjects.
At the Pre-primary and lower primary level there is emphasis on holistic development through hands-on learning using applicable Montessori materials and teaching aids. Communicative skills are developed through conversational practice, role play, journaling, presentations etc. Special story telling sessions are carried on from time to time.
Circle Time also enables the children communicate at a deeper emotive level.
Audio visual aids are used in various forms of teaching. Field Trips are an integral part of the outdoor learning process.
A unique evaluation structure has been put in place to offer assessment for learning on each student's strengths/weaknesses in key curriculum areas.

A monthly review of each child’s academic progress is maintained and kept for the teacher’s future reference. Moreover, emphasis is laid on the development of gross motor skills, physical stamina, flexibility, balance, strength, hygiene, overcoming physical fears and hesitations and the development of team play.

Teaching and learning at our Redbridge International Academy has taken a paradigm shift from shaping a child’s prior knowledge to experiential learning. All topics range from the local to national to the global perspective. Students are taught to value opinions, differences, understand new ideas, be open to change, accept cultural diversity and celebrate the common good amongst their peers.