Fancy Dress - August 23rd

The most beautiful world we live in is always experienced through our imagination. Fancy dress is of great benefit to children for building their imagination and vocabulary. A virtual fancy-dress competition was organized for grade 2 on Monday 23rd August 2021.
Children came dressed in their colourful costumes and spoke about the character they portrayed. They participated enthusiastically in the competition. Through their innocent exuberance and colourful imagination, they turned the event into a roaring success.


Field Trip Grade 5

A virtual Field trip to the Amazon Rainforest

The students of Grade 5 went on a visual journey on 19th August 2021, to see some of the diverse species and their natural habitats in the rainforest of the Amazon. During this journey, they were introduced to a variety of species including Jaguars, Pink River Dolphins, Sloths, Poison dart Frogs, and several others. They observed how different species adapted and sometimes depended on each other for survival. They also observed the adverse impact of change in climatic conditions on the habitat, food availability, and shelter of each of these species.
This virtual trip was a great learning experience and they thoroughly enjoyed it!


Field Trip Grade 4

Grade 4 students enjoyed an exciting, engaging, and educational VIRTUAL FIELD TRIP on the RIVER KALI (DANDELI FOREST). Students practically experienced tribal culture, language, and rituals in Patungudi village, as well as the significance of River Kali. In the Dandeli forest, students saw many species such as Gaurs, Sambars, Wild Boars, Hornbills, Tigers, and others, which piqued their interest in wildlife and taught them how animals and birds love and defend their young. Students also recognized the peasants' difficulties and attempted to solve them through group discussions.


International Sun Day ( pre-primary)

RBIA Pre-Primary students observed "International Sun Day" to respect and celebrate our mother star, the Sun. Our preprimary parents offered a guest lecture. Ms. Suchitra Balu, Ms. Swetha Kamath, Ms. Shevi Vinod, and Ms. Chaudary Jyothi Kumari gave a guest talk about the importance of the sun, which is essential for life on Earth. They presented lovely experimental approaches for explaining how days and nights are created. They talked about how our world would be ice-cold and lifeless if it didn't get enough sunlight and heat. They showed a film with interesting facts about the Sun. The film was well-received by the students. Following the session, students participated in a variety of hands-on activities.


Magic Poetry

Poetry helps children develop rhythm, phonemic awareness and also learn new vocabulary. Our children of grades 1 & 2 had a fun time reciting poems/singing rhymes in their favourite language for the 'Magic poetry' event conducted on 18-Aug-2021.


Field Trip Grade 2

Children of Grade-2 had a fun-filled field trip to Gir National Park which is located in Gujarat. They were shown educational videos and introduced to Gir National park, lions, birds, reptiles, four-horned deer, flora, and fauna.
Through this trip to the national park. children learnt about the different types of birds, animals, and reptiles.


Field Trip Grade 1

Children of grade 1 through a fun-filled and awe-inspiring field trip to the natural wonders of the world understood that our planet Earth is filled with many magnificent natural creations.
They were shown educational videos and introduced to

  • Mount Everest
  • Victoria Falls
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Great Barrier Reef

Through this trip on Nature and its mesmerizing beauty, children will start admiring and loving Nature and appreciate it better.


National Moon Day - July 20th

Pre Primary Students celebrated National Moon Day on July 20th,2021. The day is celebrated to commemorate man's first lunar landing on the moon. An Educational PPT was shown to them about the facts of the Moon, and moon exploration. Students learned that American astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on the moon. They enjoyed watching the Documentary of Neil Armstrong landing on the Moon. They learned that space suits and spacecraft are very important for travel to the Moon. They enjoyed the Peppa Pig Trip to the Moon story followed by doing Various Hands-on Activities (Astronaut and Moon Craft Activity).


Dubai Miracle Garden-Prep A and B-July 16th

Pre Primary Students had an unforgettable experience by virtually walking across 72,000 square meters, featuring over 45 million flowers and plants, the Dubai Miracle Garden, one of the most beautiful and biggest natural flower gardens in the world on July 16th 2021. The objective of the Field trip was to inculcate the love for the environment and to relish the beauty of nature. Children were excited to observe varieties of colorful flowers and plants. Students virtually enjoyed and experienced through Google Earth, the extravagant and creative arrangements of flowers with themes of masterfully sculpted statues, birds, animals, Insects, Disney Cartoons, floral heart archways, the archways with a ceiling of colorful umbrellas!, Emirates’ Airbus A380, Teddy Bear, Giant Tortoise Fountains, Castles and Forts etc adorned with beautiful flowers and Plants. The little learners learned they should be responsible, and they should refrain from touching the plants and plucking flowers or leaves. This Virtual field trip sensitized the students towards caring for the environment and the importance of making the world green and colorful!


International Tiger Day

Pre-Primary students observed the Virtual International Tiger Day, on July 29th 2021. An educational PPT presentation along with clips were shared with the students emphasising on tiger habitat, its species and more fun facts about Tigers.Our young learners enjoyed the international tiger day by doing the Paper Craft activity of National Animal of India along with the story “How tiger got its stripes”. Our tiny tots attended the Webinar conducted by Environment Committee of *Rotary Club of E-Connect* on *Tigers of Sundarbans* by *Soumyajit Nandy* and they gained a lot of knowledge about the tigers and the wild life in the Sundarbans.At the end of the session our students and teachers pledged to make their share of efforts to spread the awareness to conserve our nature and its wildlife for the our future generations to come.


National Egg Day - June 3rd

Pre-Primary students celebrated International Egg day on 3rd June 2021.An educational PPT was shown to them regarding the parts of an egg,the different sizes of eggs and the health benefits of eggs. They understood the importance of Eggs as healthy food packed with Proteins and Nutrients. They celebrated egg day by doing various hands-on activities.


Red Color Day

Pre-Nursery students celebrated RED COLOR DAY on 9th June 2021. Red Colour symbolizes love and energy. To make the students learn and understand about the primary color, they were asked to dress in red clothes. The class teacher also joined the celebration by wearing a red dress. The teacher showed different things in red like apples, strawberry, tomatoes, red chilies, capsicum and toys. The children enjoyed the hands-on activity.


Announcing the winners of our #makegreeny, 2021 Sapling Contest!

1st Prize - Winoj Wilson-

Grade 4A

2nd Prize - Gagan Surya- Grade 1A

Consolation Prize - Pradyumna Mohan- Grade 4A


Thank you children and parents for your active participation!



Aniruth Balaji, a student of Grade 3B, participated in the NCRC (National Coding & Robotics Challenge) and was one of the winners of the Maker100 awards.

Congratulations Aniruth!


Christmas Celebrations - Pre-Primary 2020

Students of the Pre-Primary department took part in an engaging and interesting Christmas celebration. Guest lecture was conducted to explain the story behind the birth of Jesus Christ. Kids were also engaged in an hands-on activity session, where they made an ornamental ball to be used as a decoration for the Christmas tree.


Students took part in experiments on air. Through this investigative exploration, the students learnt that air has weight, that oxygen is required for something to burn, that air occupies space and exerts pressure.


1.Creative Learning Activities at Redbridge

Students of Grade 2 taking part in experiments on air. Through this investigative exploration, the students learnt that air has weight, that oxygen is required for something to burn, that air occupies space and exerts pressure.

The students took part in this with a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity.


2. Pre-Primary Virtual Fie


3. ld Trip (November 2020)

A Virtual Field Trip was conducted for the students with the aim of exploring the solar system and learning more about the moon, the sun, and the other planets that surround us.

The students took part in the activities with great interest and created wonderful cut-outs and diagrams to illustrate the moon, earth, and sun.


4. Karnataka Rajyotsava Celebrations 2020

On the 12th of November 2020, the students of Redbridge International Academy took part in a virtual celebration of Karnataka Rajyotsava.

The students gave brief speeches in Kannada, and performed dances for the gathering. Finally, the principal delivered a speech in Kannada and the ceremony closed with the State anthem.
It was a spectacular event and the students took part in it with gusto and enthusiasm!


5. Children's Day Celebrations in Pre-Primary - 2020

On the 12th of November, the students of Pre-Primary took part in a virtual children's day celebration. The students were thoroughly engaged and excited.


6. World Thrift Day - Pre-Primary - 2020

The students of Pre-Primary celebrated World Thrift Day by making piggy banks out of recycled material. They learnt the importance of saving both materials and money through this engaging activity and had a lot of fun while doing so.


Best out of Waste

In the third week of October 2020, students took part in a competition titled "Best out of Waste". The goal was to construct useful and beautiful objects out of material that would have otherwise been thrown away. Through activities like these, the students learn a lot about the importance of recycling, but more importantly, they gain experience creating things. The students had an amazing time taking part in this event and participated with great enthusiasm.


Safety Week(October 2020)

In the third week of October, the students of Grade 1 to 10 took part in a Safety Week. This is an annual affair at Redbridge and covers the numerous aspects of safety. This year, the topics that were focused on were Child Safety (Good Touch Bad Touch) and Cyber Safety. We had a total of 4 sessions - two for Cyber Safety and two for Child Safety. Separate sessions were conducted for primary as well as for middle and high school students. Two guest speakers addressed the school virtually - Dr. Vikram S. Kumar, a pediatrician who spoke to the parents about Child Safety, and Mr. Vibhav Bobade, a renowned coder with RedHat who has contributed, among other things, to the GitHub Arctic Code Repository. Mr. Bobade spoke with students of Grade 5 to 10 about the importance of Cyber Safety, and how to maintain privacy and security when using the Internet. In conclusion, the students learned a lot through Safety Week. They were inquisitive and eager to learn. They have certainly learned many valuable life skills through this week.


Hindi Divas 2020

On Hindi Divas children performed Kavita Gaan, described the contribution of national poets and writers. Children dressed up as Rabindranath Tagore and Mahadevi Verma and recited a few lines from the Geetanjali. They enjoyed the celebrations and felt proud to carry on in this tradition.


Cooking Without Fire - Pre-Primary 2020

The students of Pre-Primary took part in an engaging and educational virtual cooking without fire competition.


Teachers' Day 2020


1. Happiness Happens Day

8th August, 2020 The value and importance of HAPPINESS was celebrated, online, recently, by our Pre-primary parents, children and staff through song and dance!
Founded in 1999 by the Secret Society of Happy People as “Admit You're Happy Day,” Happiness Happens Day was created to recognize and express happiness. ... The society encourages members to recognize their happy moments and think about happiness in their daily life.
Happiness is contagious, so if you’re happy, tell someone! If someone else is happy, listen to them! This is what Happiness Happens Day is all about.
Recognize every moment of glee, joy, delight, and pleasure. Don’t let it pass. Most importantly, a flicker of a giggle should be given its due, and should it blossom into full-blown happiness, don’t be surprised. It happens!
Another element of the day prohibits the squashing of other people’s happiness. From time to time, we might find other’s happiness irritating. Those moments happen when we have particularly rotten days.
However, our bad days don’t give us the right to squash another person’s joy. Instead, allow their delight in the day to infect us. Perhaps, their ability to smile will blow the storm clouds away from your day.
The Society have two motto’s which include “Happiness Happens” and “Don’t Even Think of Raining on My Parade.” Happiness Happens Day encourages happiness throughout the day.
After all, every day is extra special!
Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” We certainly agree with this!

2. Virtual Field Trip – Grades 4 and 5

On the 14th August 2020, an engaging and informative field trip was conducted with the students of Grades 4 and 5. The topic of this presentation was the Indo-Gangetic regions and the Himalayan ecosystem. The students looked at four different states that lie in this zone (Himachal Pradesh, Sikhim, Kashmir, Uttarakhand) and learnt a little about the people, culture, food, and language of each.
Videos that showed the environment and the serene hilly settings were used to convey a sense of tranquility and peace of mind to the students. This allowed them to see the beautiful places that existed in these regions. The students were also taught about the flora and fauna of the general Himalayan region through a brief section of the PowerPoint. Finally, an assessment form was shared with the students.
By the end of the session, the learners had cultivated a deep and sincere desire to preserve the beauty of nature. In addition to this, they had learnt about the many wonderful sights that the north has to offer. In conclusion, we feel that the Virtual Field Trip was a great success and that the students learnt a lot from it.

3. Virtual Field Trip - GRADE 6 to 8

Field trips are often the highlight of the school year. We fondly remember our trips we took every year to different destinations and how much our children always loved these field trips. At a time like this when we are experiencing social distancing due to the spread of Covid-19, we aren’t even in classrooms together- teaching is being done remotely as we try to connect with students across miles and through challenging, difficult circumstances.
Field trips are, sadly, out of the question.
Hence as a team we wanted to create something interesting and different for our students during this time period. We decided to present them with a virtual field trip.
The virtual tour by NASA, gave children a peep at our nearest neighbour in space . The Moon! We always look up in awe!
NASA’s explanation on how exercise is an important part of the daily routine for astronauts aboard the Space station to prevent bone and muscle loss cramps was an eye opener for children on Physical Fitness.
Physical Fitness is of utmost importance. A virtual trip to the ten best stadiums in the world and the significance of games especially foot ball was a highlight!
Once again emphasising on Physical Fitness.
A trip to the museum is always a treat! The virtual trip to the fascinating Vatican museum brought children face to face with mythological characters depicted over ages, through art and artifacts.
Every cloud has a silver lining, so we could say that remote teaching and learning has pushed us to learn new tools, technology and ways to create new experiences for students. Knowing how to create menus like these will help us when we are back in real time with students.
Thanks to technology even in these difficult times Teaching and Learning continues and the children are not forced to lose a year because of the Pandemic.


4. Virtual Field Trip - GRADE 9 to 12

‘What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve’ said motivational writer Napoleon Hill. Using this precept, many a thinker has created wonders hard to wrap our minds around. At Redbridge, the children of Grades 9 to 12 were taken on a virtual field trip to three such wonders of creation – Architectural Wonders – spread around the world.
Milwaukee Arts Museum: Retractable Sunscreen
Leading by example, the architecture of this unique museum in the USA combines the most creative aspects of art and the most advanced forms of technology. The result is a structure which in itself is an attraction for people around the world, even before they can enter the museum’s sanctum to soak in the actual art exhibits.
The Angkor Wat Temple: Defying Scale and Terrain Constraints
This mammoth temple in Cambodia built in the 12th century has modern day architects, civil engineers and landscape designers in awe. Spread over 500 acres, and sitting atop sub-terranian water-bed, this temple is a marvel which has withstood the test of weather and time.
The Burj-Khalifa: Touching the Sky
The tallest building in the world was stripped down in 3D to reveal aspects of construction which impress us with their precision, innovation and daring-do.
The children, in a span of an hour, through the comforts of their homes, travelled to these pan-world architectural wonders and lost themselves in the actual settings and marveled at the amazing amalgamation of art and science that went into the construction of these structures. Perhaps, children will now dream a bit more, work a bit harder in using aspects of science to realise their dreams. After all, in the present age where technology lends its helping hand to all who want to innovate, anything seems possible.

5. Virtual Field Trip – Grade 3

Field trips are one of the most exciting experiences for little children. These field trips and outbound learning motivates the children besides helps in knowledge building.
At this time when we are experiencing social distancing due to COVID 19 remote learning has become the order of the day.
Thanks to technology we are able to create virtual field trips for the benefit of the children. We used this platform to arrange a field trip for them to participate from the comfort of their homes.
We travelled to space to visit and explore our solar system, reliving an astronaut's routine at the International space station.
The children learnt a lot more about the planets in our solar system.
and the the uniqueness of our beautiful planet earth.
Children understood the importance of mother earth and how we need to be responsible to protect it.
The students had a very interactive and informative session and were excited to know and share their ideas and knowledge of the planets in the solar system through recapitulation and an online assessment.

6. Motivational Writer

Poet, Philosopher, Writer and Guide
Young Author Bharathi Kosaraju – Grade 10 IGCSE

Bharathi Kosaraju of Grade 10 IGCSE makes an emphatic point or two about LIFE through her Essay Phoenix: The Ray of Hope and her poem Heaven on Earth. Bharathi, among other things, believes in reaching out to people who need direction, especially in trying times such as now. Here is her essay followed by her poem.

Phoenix: The Ray of Hope
- An essay by Bharathi Kosaraju

Can you name a word in the absence of which we wouldn’t even exist? Many of you would be thinking about food, water, Earth, oxygen, trees, parents, and on and on. But, what about the master and jack of all trades - L.I.F.E. What about this four-letter miracle that till date blows our minds? I know that I am bombarding you with questions, but brace yourself for some more, my friend! We know what life is, how to live, prepare, sustain, and entertain. Thanks to Science that definitely proves when & how life was born, first-ever microorganisms, earliest humans ever, and the list goes on. And all the credits to education, we entirely know about the lives of every single living thing on this planet. Not to forget the researchers who have spent their entire lives proving the extraterrestrial - aliens, UFOs, and whatnot.
Let’s now think exclusively about your - and only your - life that you own... How would you describe it? Do you have friends that say, “Get a life for god’s sake” too? Well, I certainly do! Who am I? Where was I for the past million years? This was probably all I wondered when I was just about nineteen or twenty inches long and could defeat a tomato in terms of my color. I, of course, can’t recall my thoughts when I first stepped foot into this bizarre world, unless I can invent the time machine; but if you can - you’re a genius!
Elementary and Middle school years for me were all about studies, friends, dance, art, and surely food. This span of life is always so delighting and fruitful, although with some usual worries. But when that shifts to high school, life might take a slight turn which I believe is for good. Small turns for some, a not so drastic turns for few and huge turns for many. Perhaps, it can be the ‘plot twist’ of any life.
Many factors cause these twists, knots, and turns - family, friends, school, mental health, thoughts, and you yourself. It can be anything from failing to achieve your dream grades, unsuccessful in creating a project, failing an exam, or dropping out of a challenging course load, to not receiving enough recognition for your dedication and hard work, failing to keep promises, losing a competition that you were passionate about, and so forth.
However, you might also have had victories and accomplishments. For multiple people, the emotions following their attainments and downfalls aren't that great because what they failed at has a bigger impact than what they acquired.
The subject common in all these factors is success and failures.
On top of the world when you succeed, and the least confident & deserving when you fail. How is that fair?
Let me explain with a basic scenario!
You succeed in winning awards and achievements, but fail to impress your parents and friends. Expectations of people reacting to your rewards are very high, but when you fail to receive the pride; self-confidence just sprints to zero, and self-love is absent in the attendance register. Immediately the next moment in your brain, the feelings called worth and unworth fight a conflict, and it's evident that unworth wins and it dominates your entire mental health. This is what I call “My Psychology of Mental Health destruction”, and is when you begin to lose heart in anything and everything you do.
Here, have a glimpse at another scenario.
You have shed your blood, sweat, and tears on this one astonishing science project for a prodigious competition and all you wanted was to stand in the top ten of your state. Tried to the best of your ability and spent months on this one project. As a result, you failed.
Now, take a second to imagine your terrifying thoughts at that moment when you lost. Let me put them in words for you: "I am doomed", "my dreams end", "I can succeed in nothing", "this is awful"... and the negativity never has a full stop. The night of, and a few days following the competition, a river of tears are shed, expectations are unmet, a little extra sobbing, confidence levels dropping, guilt levels drift to the extreme, and not for a moment are you going to move on.
After both these situations, you need motivation, consultation, advice, and spirit. To get better, no doubt you will go to people you are attached to in order to get advice, and move on. My question here is what do they say, or what advice do they usually provide you with? I hope their words aren’t related to taking revenge or continuing to cry; well if so, you immediately need to disconnect with that person and find inspiring friends or family members whose motive is to commend you for your determination, and advise you to utilize the failure to achieve something even greater in life.
Here, allow me to mention some most typical and conventional tips you frequently get from countless people around you - "Calm down, you did a great job. Now forget about it and prepare for the next tournament"; “Fears live in us to overcome them, your fear is failure so fight it”; “Why are you so depressed over a contest? Enjoy your life!”; “Just relax and move on. This is temporary, you’ll be fine”; and another shedload of suggestions.
However, do any of these individuals actually help you understand the importance of failing, and enlighten you to get the better of every single failure? Surprisingly, most don’t - in addition, to which your trust for people close to you diminishes, you begin to feel lonely, start to doubt your potential, and fear to pick someone’s brain for advice. Why? Just because of the distress that he/she will repeat the same lecture about ‘moving on’.
Well, hear me out! How amazing would it be if you already knew the profound secret of succeeding through failures long before you ever faced it? Nevertheless, this isn't the luck of most people! And hence, here is my-competent-self writing this essay.
If you’d rather never fail, you will never succeed either. Let me elaborate on it.
What usually happens when you fail? You are unsuccessful in something you aspire. Yet, every person all the way from toddlers to elders learns something from their failures even if they don’t realize it. The most significant lesson an individual learns from their failures is their mistakes. When an individual fails, he/she reevaluates the reason they failed, which leads to recognizing and learning from their mistakes. The highly anticipated negative word - ‘mistake’ is the primary element of every failure, and is what helps you to succeed.
I believe that failure is the ladder digging your path to success; when a person has the power and ability to grasp their mistakes, they don't repeat their faults, and learn & develop their quality of knowledge which escorts their victorious accomplishment. Thus, use your mistakes to master your skill!
Any and everyone who has ever experienced triumph is very well-acquainted with failures - as success can take many trials. If you have the right people or resources to throw light upon the crucial concept of failures for you, they can inspire you to work harder and ultimately achieve exceptional things in life. As Albert Einstein once said, “Failure is really just success in progress”. Take your own time and heal, but don’t take too much time to the point where your heart and brain surrender and you never end up trying. Accept your faults and failures, do not dig your guilt into them. Build a positive ethos and choose to be happy regardless. If you wish to increase the rate of your victories, then you have to increase your rate of failures too!
Therefore my friend, this concludes my attempt to elucidate the theory of failures so as to learn and gain from them; to obtain great heights. If you made it to this point in the essay, I highly appreciate your time!
Last but not the least -if you’ve failed a hundred times, it just means that you’ve tried a hundred unique ways to accomplish your goal.


- A poem by Bharathi Kosaraju
Early in the morning, melodious tune of the birds chirruping,
I was up for a scenic, picturesque adventure.
Shivering with the hot bath not working,
Annoyed neighbours awakened by my furious dog barking,
The day was forthcoming an actual venture!
Fuzzy leather jacket, and a pair of incredibly glossy trekking shoes I chose,
In a flash, the glistening sun arose.
I was all set to hike the frosty, rousing trail,
Hoping for a refreshing and pure air to inhale.
Six in the morning, rushing to chase the speedy train,
Instantly, my eyes seized by the enchanting views from the windowpane.
Warm tea, and a sweet-bread cookie,
Toast with a fascinating hot spread,
A luscious breakfast for the long trek ahead!
Express train passing through thrilling tunnels,
Startling youth yodeling a triumphant song through the funnel.
Astonished by the wise soul's talent,
The experience was unexplored and excellent!
Breathtaking views as the destination arrived,
The boundless sight that was never disguised.
Entered the guide, we commenced our hike,
A "Miraculous Sunday" was what the day felt like.
Magnificent, the scenes epitomized as we were leading ahead,
Exhausted I was, with sweat dripping off my head.
Sipping the refreshing energy drink, I proceed,
Everything was to be worth reaching the destination, indeed!
You get the finest views only after a hike with plenty of ups and downs,
Cherish the trail among bliss and laughter; diffuse it all around!
A minute away from the summit, peeking a glance at the incomparable view,
Scenic mountains covered with dew, as the autumn leaves breeze through.
Ascending towards the peak, mind-blowing panorama being witnessed,
Slow tears rolling off my eyes while feeling truly blessed.
I step my foot on the peerless summit, my heart smiles with delight,
My dreamy eyes not believing it's capture, what an eternal sight!
Magical misty mountains covered with dazzling white snow,
A mesmerizing glacier reflecting the frosty mountain glow.
Infinite mountains shaped unimaginably like a precious god's gift,
Shining ice caps gradually melting, and the arctic breeze flowing adrift.
Our kind-hearted guide offers some steaming-hot tea, in this gratifying world of amusement,
This marvelous glimpse of nature inspires life to be filled with self-improvement.
This exceptional heaven of glee had me perceive the value of life,
An astounding peek of elevation enhanced thy pleasure of life,
like the enthralling tune of playing a fife.
Nature is perpetually stunning with no limits,
The question 'why climb a mountain' is answered only when you reach the summit!

7. A Poet-Teacher

Mr. Raghavendra Ashok, the senior school English teacher penned this wonderful poem for our principal, Mr. Browne. The principal's response has been included as well.
Title: Sir Thanks-a-lot, Sir Browne
When we teachers stayed home, comfortably,
He made his office his home, incredibly.
Skipped his vacation, his family, his land,
While we slept cozy, loved ones at hand.
While for us speculating was mere play,
Day and night, night and day,
He grappled with decisions he needed to make,
With children’s well-being at stake.
Not a wink of sleep should he have got,
Caring for staff, children, parents – our lot.
Was there a limit to this man’s commitment?
Working ceaselessly for our betterment,
And far from breaking down, and calling it quits,
He inspired us all with his example, his speeches of wit,
And implored that we reach out to him,
Should anything at all bothered us and dimmed
Our own hopes and aspirations
Towards our XYZ generations.
A more eager and charitable heart
In that part of the world or this part,
It shall be nigh impossible to find.
Selfless leaders spring to my mind,
Seeing him walk his talk
And talk his walk.
And so, by the power vested in me,
(For I speak the Queen’s English fluently!)
I hereby pronounce thee of renown -
Sir Thanks-a-lot, Sir Blessed-a-lot, Sir Browne!
- Raghavendra Ashok
Principal's Response:
Dear Raghavendra,
Words can't express my gratitude to you for expressing my passion in verse!
I am touched yet humbled by your expressions of appreciation of my sincere efforts at leading a fledgling institution such as ours.
It is a challenge, no doubt, but with wonderful support from people like you I'm so assured that the future is safe and in very capable hands.
God bless and thank you once again!
Mr. Browne

8. Independence Day Celebrations

On the 15th August 2020, Mrs. Suman Agarwal presided as chief guest over the school's 7th Independence Day celebrations. The ceremony was brief and consisted of a flag-hoisting and singing of the national anthem. Mrs. Suman addressed the gathering.
Children also participated in colourful ways from their homes. Their sense of pride was evident in their peppy poses, colourful attires and palpable energy.

1. Cooking Without Fire

When cooking food becomes fun, one will soon discover the joys of one of the best hobbies in life; a life skill so essential to inculcate in our little ones.
During this event, the children learnt how easy it is to prepare a meal for oneself and others and enjoy it too – like baking your cake and eating it too!
The students in Grade 1 & 2 began their day with this fun-filled activity that was so tastefully organised by their enthusiastic teachers.
More than imparting an important life skill, the objective was to make our young learners familiar with cooking and putting together a nutritious meal without the use of fire! The children participated in the safety of their homes because of the current scenario. Kudos to the children, their teachers and parents too, for making this possible. It was amazing to see the children at their creative best at something that perhaps only chefs would boast of possessing!

2. Pre-Primary Virtual Field Trip to Mysore Zoo

Going on field trips offers students a unique learning experience. It allows them to be involved in a new environment. It encourages curiosity and is also valuable as an exercise in broadening a student's understanding of the world and their place in it.
In the current scenario, thinking about a field trip was out of the question. But thanks to technology, it was possible for our little ones to visit Mysore Zoo in Mysuru, from the comfort of their homes.
Students had a fun filled session and enjoyed every bit of the virtual tour of the zoo with their teachers.

3. Virtual Field Trip – Grades 1

Marine pollution is a growing problem in today's world so teaching children about environmental protection and the wise use of resources is crucial.
Our little learners of Grade 1 were taken on a virtual tour to explore the beauty of the ocean and to learn about different creatures found underwater.
Creative videos both from National Geographic and other Nature protection sources were shown to our children, highlighting not only the beauty but also the destruction of the marine life. It sent a clear message about the harmful effects of plastic pollution and where it can lead us if we don't take immediate and sustainable action.
This trip not only gave them a new and exciting leaning experience but also made them aware of the problems, all of which is man made, on marine life.
With awareness and education, our children may one day in the not too distant future, be the ones to solve the great environmental issues that all of us are facing.
Post the the tour questions were asked so that the issues would be further reflected upon by the children and to validate their understanding.
The topic Marine Life (EVS) was integrated with Art and Craft and the children were encouraged to do a hands on activity by making paper bags and flower pot using used plastic bottles.


4. Virtual Field Trip - GRADE 2

This would be practically impossible, but given the present scenario with COVID-19 and the Lockdown and the restrictions in place especially with travel and social distancing, technology has come to our aid and made it possible to do just that, albeit VIRTUALLY!
Field trips are the highlight of the school year. It not only provides the children the opportunity to learn experientially but also to further strengthen social bonding with their peers and teachers.
Since the situation did not permit us to proceed with this enjoyable experience, we did not want to disappoint our children by cancelling it altogether. This provided us the opportunity to create a virtual classroom learning experience for our little ones to travel the world, from the comfort of their homes!
This virtual field trip enabled the children to explore and learn about endangered animals and to understand the reasons and factors that cause animals to become vulnerable, endangered and sadly extinct in some cases.
It also helped to create an awareness and how we humans can help and contribute in protecting, saving and conserving our wildlife.
Students had a very interactive and informative session, at the end of which they were assessed on the knowledge they had gained by the experience!

International Mud Day

“The most enjoyable and memorable days end with dirty hands and the dirtiest clothes." The children of the Pre-primary classes had a memorable day getting a little messy while celebrating International Mud Day.

They not only had fun getting dirty, but also learnt the benefits of mud play and how it enhances our physical and mental health.


The onslaught of the Coronavirus pandemic has forced closure of schools across the country. However, despite the daunting circumstances efforts were taken by teachers and students of the Redbridge International Academy to educate themselves in basic essential hygiene and physical exercises to boost immunity within the safe confines of their homes. Students enjoyed the activities. The sports and dance instructors partnered to compile a set of physical exercises through a demonstration of videos as well as clear set of simple instructions easy to understand. These were uploaded on My Class Board (MCB) which students could access online. Students from Grade V to XII participated in these activities during the lockdown period and submitted a feedback online.

Week 1: In the beginning of the lockdown a trending slogan “Go Corona” emerged in every house. People from every state took part in sharing positivity through music and dance for the same slogan. This inspired our dance teacher to orchestrate fitness videos and create a small choreography for the Go Corona song and this kept children aware of the situation and implications and developed awareness in them. Most of them learned the exercise and dance steps quickly. Following is the video link:

Week 2: A dance tutorial of a hip-hop choreography for a popular song “Dance Monkey” was posted. A break down method of teaching was used to make it easier for the students to follow as on the video link:

Week 3: To boost the immunity through exercise, a series of easy-effective workouts were posted for the students. These no equipment home workout videos were exciting for all the children. This activity is available on Daily Hatch TV on YouTube in the following link:

Moreover, additional fitness training sessions were posted online on MCB for a light but effective full body workout for half an hour daily for both the teachers and students, photos were available on the internet to further define lessons. These included:
1) Three sets of high knees - each set comprising of 15 reps
2) Three sets of jumping jacks - each set comprising of 12 reps
3) Three sets of frog squats - each set comprising of 10 reps
4) A cool down exercise with a 30 second wall sit.

This activity is available on You Tube in the following link:

The positive demonstrations of enthusiastic participation in physical fitness with encouragement from parents ensured that all our students continue to be healthy and happy with schooling conducted at home.


On 1st Mar 2020, the Redbridge International Academy sponsored the “Kaynathon”, an annual Mini-Marathon with a noble cause aspiring to create awareness to save the girl child and empower women. This sporting event was organized at the Infosys grounds at Electronic City, Bangalore by the Institute of Finance and International Management, Bangalore, in association with CRY and other sponsors. Funds raised through registrations were to fight cancer and were donated to Foundations working with underprivileged children. The event witnessed a massive turnout of over 8,000 runners on the early hours of Sunday morning. The 3 km run was organized for children and accompanying parents, and the 5 km and 10 km run were for adults. The hubbub of activity was exhilarating, several schools, gated communities, corporate professionals, sport academies and college students participated in the event. All the residential students from the Redbridge International Academy participated in the event with much enthusiasm. The function also witnessed dance performances, speeches, a DJ and exciting stalls. Trophies, certificates and cash prizes were awarded to the winners and participants. Top honors were bagged by professional student athletes. Mr. Rohan Agarwal, Chairman and Mr. Christopher Browne, Principal of the Redbridge International Academy addressed the audience, congratulating the winners. They appreciated the efforts of this noble venture and distributed prizes. Overall the event was a great success owing to the collective effort of several organizations planned for community welfare and social development.


On 7th Mar 2020 the Pre-Primary Graduation was organized at the Academic Block at the Redbridge International Academy. A total of 48 little children graduated in the School. All the parents were in attendance. Brightly dressed children smartly walked up in their traditional caps and gowns to collect their graduation certificates. The Teachers in particular were much appreciated for their hard work and creativity throughout the year by the parents and the School Management during the occasion.


The Adbhuta Final competition was conducted on campus Redbridge International Academy on 9th Feb 2020. A total of 80 finalists had come in for the finals conducted in the indoor auditorium at the School Campus. This event is staged every year, as South Bangalore’s biggest talent fest, with a focused view to unlock the creative talents of children and youth. The final category of events included singing, dancing, musicals and mimicry. The entire event culminated in a grand finale after almost three months of auditions across gated communities and apartments in South Bangalore. Nearly 1000 students of different age groups, from different schools, participated in the auditions that were conducted by the Redbridge International Academy across gated apartments. The best performers were selected for the Final competition. Parents and Family members of the participants turned out en masse to support the finalists. The audience of over 500 people cheered the finalists who performed either a song, dance, or played an instrument or narrated a poem. All-time hit songs were sung by the solo singers, the solo dances brought many a smile; some of the best performances however were the group dances. Few students even showcased their musical abilities on stage by playing different instruments. Feedback from the Judges was encouraging for most of the participants. The Judges for the event were professionals in the creative performing arts from Bangalore. Winner’s medals and runners up medals were awarded to all the winners in various categories, moreover, all the participants were awarded certificates of participation. The auditions and final event was capably organized by Mr. Vikas Tikamany and Ms. Sweta Tikamany, School development administrators as well as Mr. Devraj. M, Marketing Coordinator. The prizes were distributed by Mr. Rohan Agarwal, Chairman and Mr. Christopher Anthony Browne, Principal of the School. Much applause was given to the winners by the audience as well as the media present. Overall, it was a brilliant event that was celebrated with much enthusiasm, the hard work put in through hours of practice, was evident through the swashbuckling performances by many a child on stage.


The School Annual Day was hosted as a gala function on Saturday, 18th January 2020, at the Redbridge International Academy Auditorium. The remarkable theme “A Green New World” was depicted in a very creative manner through an original theatrical display and musical enacted and performed by over 350 students of various age groups on stage. The theme expressed strong solidarity on conservation of the green cover on the planet; and voiced reduction of plastic, wastes, pollution of air, water and land, deforestation, and altered global temperature due to industrialization. The students put up a fantastic show much to the delight of the guests and parental audience. The choir renditions of contemporary songs were melodious, most dances were choreographed on popular Michael Jackson’s songs such as ‘heal the world’ and ‘they don’t really care about us’. The entire academic fraternity participated in coordinating strenuous dress rehearsals for weeks. The entire production was an in-house original production planned by the English, Music, Dance and Art department faculty members.

The highlight of the evening however, was the mesmerizing Chief Guest, Dr. Benny Prasad and his lovely spouse Mrs. Zanbeni Prasad Odyuo. Dr. Benny Prasad is a professional Christian jazz musician celebrated as the world’s most widely travelled musician and singer. He holds the World Record as the fastest man to visit all 257 countries in 6 years 6 months and 22 days. He established this record in 2010 from India. He has performed live before presidents and parliaments, before the crowds of 2007 military world games, 2006 FIFA world cup in Germany and the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. His wife is also a professional singer from Nagaland. Dr. Benny has established his own music school, art studio and cafeteria all integrated as a unique performing art center known as “Chai 3:16” at Hennur in Bangalore. He and his wife nurture young school and college students as well as aspiring artists into professionals. His unique narration of being transformed from an ailing school dropout into a world famous celebrity touched the hearts and minds of all the parents. Dr. Benny acknowledged the hand of GOD on his life, and attributed his success to several miracles that kept him alive and gave him spiritual breakthroughs in seemingly impossible situations.

Dr. Moses Satralkar, Head of Business Development and Placements, welcomed and introduced the Chief Guests, Dr. Benny Prasad and his wife Zanbeni, organized their felicitations by special needs children, and then invited them to perform the invocation songs. The first song “Give me one moment in Time” was sung by Zanbeni with Dr. Benny accompanying on the semi-acoustic guitar, the second song was an instrumental “To God be the Glory” performed on the pan-flute. The stupendous performances were graced with a standing ovation on both occasions by the entire audience of over 800 people. The Principal, Mr. Christopher Browne delivered the annual day address, highlighting the theme “a green new world” and narrated the case study of the Chief Guest exhorting on how children could shape into stars irrespective of their backgrounds. The entire evening was celebrated with much aplomb and fanfare. Ms. Karen Kunder, Head of Academics, gave the vote of thanks appreciating the efforts of the entire academic fraternity and staff including Nathan Darren Nayyar (English Teacher), Stefan D’Souza (Music Teacher), Meher Sagar (Dance Teacher), Manjunath Wali (Art Teacher) and Raghvendra Ashok (Anchor). On onstage arrangements and logistics were by Meenakshi Choudhary (IB CAS coordinator), Meenakshi Murgudass (Pre-Primary Faculty), Thejas James (Sports Instructor), Alok Mittal (Head of Administration), Sweta and Vikas Tikamany (Administrators) and Devraj M. (Marketing Coordinator). The Chairman Mr. Rohan Agarwal and his wife Mrs. Vandana Agarwal as well as Trustees Mr. Gopal Agarwal and Mr. Rahul Agarwal were in attendance alongwith their families. The enthusiasm of the children culminated in a grand finale on stage and with the school song to conclude a wonderful evening celebrating the aesthetic appeal of art, dance, drama and music at School.


A total of 9 Trainee Teachers from the Christ University, School of Education commenced internship training as part of the 6 month practical training essential for completion of the 2 year Bachelors in Education course at the Redbridge International Academy in December. The Christ University is the only University in India that has received an exclusive official accreditation with the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), Switzerland to award the IB Educator certificates to trainee teachers as part of the dual certification agreement with the School of Education. Dr. Moses Satralkar, Head Business Development and Academic Placements and IB Advisory Committee Member for Christ University organized this collaboration and personally supervised this training in school, taught the students, coordinated the student mentoring programme and organized essential practical exposure at the Redbridge International Academy. The 9 teacher trainees benefited immensely from the classroom observation sessions, interacted positively with students, assisted with teaching sessions in class and conducted various taught programmes in school in different subject areas especially with the IBDP Programme.


The Redbridge International Academy was ranked amongst the “Top 20 Day cum Boarding Schools in India” by the Education Today magazine for the year 2019-2020. The Magazine considered several parameters for evaluating schools and the school was also ranked 5th position in Bangalore and Karnataka. Mr. Rohan Agarwal, Chairman and Dr. Moses Satralkar, Head Business Development and Placements received the award at the Hotel Chancery Pavilion hotel at a glittering ceremony in December, where over 1000 schools were ranked and felicitated over a two day conference and award ceremony. The overall performance of the school continues to improve with several organizations recognizing the excellent leadership, enriched campus environment, ethos of holistic education and a happy, vibrant inclusive school culture conducive for the wellbeing of students and staff fraternity on campus. Mr. Rohan Agarwal was also a Panelist in a highly engaging conversation on “How to Unbox the Education System” at the 7th National Conference on Educational Leadership. The Education Today magazine launched a unique 24 x 7 online TV Education News channel, to the delight of the Educational Leaders in attendance from across the country.


The International Baccalaureate Community Activity and Service component of the IB Diploma programme (IB-CAS) programme got off to a flying start with a strong collaborative initiative with the RISE against Hunger NGO based in Karnataka, India. The High School and Middle School students personally organized most of the food packaging and distribution along-with this local NGO where food parcels were actually made and packaged within the school campus in a single day. A total of 5 big boxes of over 2000 food packages were made and distributed through the NGO to local underprivileged children in neighboring areas. The Principal, Mr. Christopher Browne, alongwith Ms. Tasneem Hatim Dawasaz Pre-Primary Teacher and Ms. Meenakshi Chowdhury the IB CAS Coordinator initiated and organized the entire volunteering effort with staff and students. Several staff members and students especially those from the IBDP programme enthusiastically participated in making the project a success and the entire concept of generosity during Christmas season added more meaning to the social outreach effort.The school children sponsored this program.



The Redbridge International Academy organized the Christmas Assembly for the entire student and staff community before school closed for the winter-break. All the students participated in organizing the function enthusiastically; children right from pre-primary to high school too part. The children put up songs, dances, sang Christmas carols and put up the exquisite nativity play. Even the Faculty sang a few special songs to loud music. A lot of color, pomp and fervor went into organizing beautiful decoration of classrooms, notice boards were done up nicely, and the Christmas assembly was a fabulous experience especially when Santa Claus made a grand entry to distribute chocolates and goodies to all in the end. Gifts were exchanged by the faculty. The Principal narrated the Christmas story and finally announced the holidays to cheers all around!


A highly exciting mini-marathon the ‘E-Cityzen Run” was organized by Redbridge International Academy, in association with Mr. Veer of Coach Direct and Decathlon, on 24th November 2019, to promote awareness of Ecological Balance in the city. The event witnessed a turnout of over 400 adults and children at 6:30 am, with participants ranging from 4 years to 65 years or more. Three categories of Mini-Marathons were organized, 3 km, 5 km and 7 km. Principal, Christopher Browne welcomed the large audience and highlighted how the School was consciously creating awareness on Ecological Citizenship. Thereafter, remarks by Dr. Moses Satralkar emphasized the UN sustainable development goal number 15 that encouraged the urgent need for tree plantation, pollution free ecosystems and domestic waste recycling.

The large audience cheered the participants loudly, an energetic student band led the vibrant opening ceremony, excited children and adult’s thereafter participated in one of the three races. The races commenced after a short lively zumba warm-up session. Each category race was flagged off after a fifteen minutes interval, and the starting was a mad dash out of the school gate. Most runners got off to a flying start and winners finished with a superb sprint to the finish lines. Cute little children cheered the winners. There was a free breakfast offered for all the participants after the races. Stefan D’Souza the Music Teacher and Meher Sagar the Dance Teacher put up an excellent display of song and dance to entertain the audience before the Prize Distribution. Chairman Mr. Rohan Agarwal and his brother Mr. Rahul Agarwal distributed the prizes and medals. At the behest of the Principal, the School also donated several pairs of shoes to underprivileged children who ran the marathon bare-feet. Special awards were presented to the junior most runner; a child 4 years of age, the senior most runner; a retired serviceman from the Indian military, as well as the fastest girl athlete.

Several students and a teacher from Redbridge International Academy bagged pole positions in the 3 km mini-marathon, thanks to the training given by the Sports Teacher, Mr. Maria Ramesh. The Administration of the event was organized by Mr. Alok Mittal. The Marketing Department of the School also assisted to ensure the event was conducted professionally.

 Names of winners are as follows:

BOYS: 1st Place – S. Preethish – Gd 7

            2nd Place – Gagan S. Reddy – Gd 7

            3rd Place – Nikhil Agrawal – Gd 11

GIRLS: 1st Place – Manogna – Gd 6

TEACHERS: 1st Place – Ms. Madhu Rani



The sports day finals were conducted on 9th Nov 2019 on the sports field. The entire parent body and teaching fraternity were in attendance. The audience of 900 people enjoyed the sports meet conducted on a bright sunny Saturday morning The Chief Guest for the event was Col. Vineet Seth, VSM, former senior military officer of the paratroopers and special forces regiment of the Indian Army. He served on the Siachen Glacier twice, conducted many counterinsurgency operations and led assaults in Kargil. He was decorated with the Vashist Seva Medal by the President for enhancing the operational efficiency of the Airborne Forces. An alumnus of IIMB, Col. Vineet is a successful entrepreneur who founded the VS4 Security Agency, that serves elite corporate companies and international schools across India. The inauguration ceremony witnessed a march past, release of hot air balloons, and presentation of the four houses. Thereafter, students participated in many athletic events, including relays, the short sprint races which were distributed for girls and boys. The combined events like tug of war and March past were a terrific spectacle. The four house, Auqas (water), Terra (earth), Ignis (fire) and Aeris (air) competed in nail biting events during the finals.. Winners were presented medals, certificates and trophies by the distinguished Chief Guest. His address exhorted students to celebrate the concept of physical fitness in developing a good personality including a sound mind as well as sound body. The Principal, Mr. Christopher Browne, also encouraged team work and competitive spirit amongst the youngsters in his speech. Trustees Mr. Rohan Agarwal and Mrs. Vandana Agarwal were also in attendance and distributed prizes to the individual winners. The sports department including Mr. Maria Ramesh and Mr. Thejas James put up a sterling effort in organizing the gymnastics, karate demonstrations and the fantastic drills amongst different age groups. Overall the event was a grand success with Terra and Ignis House being declared joint winners and a grand Trophy was awarded to the House Captains, amidst much celebration and cheer to conclude a great occasion.



The South Asia IB Schools Associations (SAIBSA), conducted the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP), Job Alike Sessions workshop at the the Canadian International School, Bangalore on the 16 Nov 2019. A total of 12 Teachers from the Redbridge International Academy including Ms. Karen Kunder, Head of Academics attended the full-day workshop, which covered various aspects of subject specific pedagogy in high school, the IB CAS programme, IB assessment and various academic resources as well as teaching methodologies. The collaborative training sessions were informative, interactive and were beneficial to all the teachers who came in from several top IB Schools across Bangalore.



Students and Faculty participated in the Crossroads University Expo organized and hosted by the Ebenezer International School, Bangalore (EISB) on 18th Nov 2019. A total of 65 reputed Universities participated in the exhibition. Universities from India, UK, USA, Canada, West Indies and Australia had put up stalls; and their counsellors distributed college brochures and provided admissions details to all the students who were interested in inquiring about higher education study options and career choices. A total of 35 higher secondary and high school students from the Redbridge International Academy attended the sessions from 9 am to 1 pm and found the exhibition very useful to understand the different types of Universities, the undergraduate study programmes available, the eligibility criteria for admissions as well as fee structure and job opportunities thereafter. Three 3 faculty members including the Head of Academics, Ms. Karen Kunder, the IBDP CAS Coordinator, Ms. Meenakshi Choudhary, the IBDP Business Studies Faculty Mr. Vedula Ganesh accompanied the students and participated in the exhibition on behalf of the Redbridge International Academy.



The prestigious annual Education World C-Fore research survey rankings for International Schools across India were released recently and for the Academic Year 2019-20 the Redbridge International Academy was awarded 7th position in Bangalore as well as Karnataka for being one of the best International Day Schools. The schools are assessed using a very large opinion poll or market research that takes into consideration detailed feedback from all stakeholders in the society including, parents, teachers, students, general public, educational leaders and corporate professionals. The yardsticks used to measure each school are stringent; few of these include academic rigor, teacher qualifications, teacher training initiatives, community service, co-curricular education, infrastructure provision, quality of overall education and affordability factor. This ranking for the School is very encouraging considering the significant effort the School Management and School Leadership is putting into orchestrating a truly vibrant, international ethos focused on overall wellbeing and holistic development of all its students.



A Placements Fair for multiple Universities was organized by Dr. Moses Satralkar, Head of Business Development and Academic Placements, for Higher Secondary and High School students at the Redbridge International Academy, on the 30th October 2019. The event was a grand success. For the first time a total of 10 reputed Universities participated for the exhibition on the same day. The event was coordinated by Ms. Grace, Assistant Manager, Global Engagement and Counseling Support, Delhi. There were 5 overseas Universities representing UK, USA, Canada, Italy and Switzerland; and 5 Indian Universities from across the country. Representatives addressed the students on higher education programmes at their institution. Undergraduate courses offered include Business Studies, Design/Architecture, Engineering, Hospitality, Medicine, Arts and Sciences. List of the institutions include:

  1. Indian Institute of Art and Design, Delhi
  2. University of Victoria, Canada
  3. St. George’s University, USA, West-Indies
  4. Istituto Marangoni, Italy, UK
  5. Swiss Hospitality, Switzerland 
  6. University of Design, Sonipat
  7. Shiv Nagar University, Greater Noida
  8. SRM University, Amaravathi
  9. Sri Sri University, Orissa
  10. Academy of Pastry Arts, Bangalore 
The Principal, Mr. C. A. Browne, Chairman, Mr. Rohan Agarwal and Head of Academics, Ms. Karen Kunder, welcomed the delegates. The interactive career counseling and placement session was appreciated by all the school students and faculty. High school students stayed back for a one on one  with the University representatives where brochures, eligibility requirements and scholarships were discussed.



ASSET Stands for Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing. It is a highly competitive scientifically designed, skill-based assessment test for secondary and high school students. The ASSET Science Exam tests students on their ability to use and apply concepts learned in class. The Asset exams mainly test the conceptual learning of students on three main subjects ie. Math, Science and English. ASSET has been organizing programmes for gifted students for the last nine years based on research in this field and keeping in mind their specific needs. For the academic session 2019, a total of 11 students from the Redbridge International Academy scored exceptionally high marks in the ASSET exam. The academic performance of these academically bright dedicated students continues to improve the good standing of the institution. The students were felicitated in a special assembly and awarded a special citation by the Principal, Mr. Christopher Browne in October 2019.


The names of the meritorious students are:

  1. Prince – Gd V
  2. Tanay – Gd V
  3. Tejaswini – Gd VI
  4. Shriya Pandey – Gd VI
  5. Taruna Vishwanath – Gd VI
  6. Manya – Gd VII
  7. Sairapith – Gd VII
  8. Shubham Chowdhary – Gd VIII
  9. Abhishek – Gd VIII
  10. Mokambika – Gd VIII
  11. Sanskriti – Gd VIII


The Mind Spark programme is a computer based self learning tool that helps children improve their Math skills incorporating the constructivist theory of learning. It encourages students to ask questions, develop conceptual understanding and love for the subject. It also helps the Faculty to plan lessons creatively through questions, games, practice and reports. At Redbridge International Academy, the Mindspark Mathematics programme is very well implemented in the Primary and Middle School and the students continue to improve and excel in Mathematics. This year the Certificates of Merit were awarded by the Principal Mr. Christopher Browne to outstanding Mindspark students in October 2019. The coordinating Teacher continues to engage the students in these programmes effectively. Names of the meritorious students for 2019 include:

  1. Nikita Pandey
  2. Jaanavi Visagan
  3. Bhavesh Singh
  4. Hari K Annamalai
  5. Shriya Pandey
  6. Akshita Patil
  7. Dhruv Patil

Ms. Shreelakshmi (Teacher Coordinator)



The School organized an interesting array of pre-school engagement programmes for partner pre-schools over the month of October and November. The events saw a large turnout and participation from several preschools. This was an exciting day for visiting Pre-school children and their teachers. This was a buddy programme for the tiny tots where students experienced the teaching programmes at the Redbridge Pre-primary department by engaging in creative fun learning activities! The list of events is enclosed below, and the events saw active participation from reputed Pre-schools including Keykids Ecity and Hulimavu Branches, Growing Tots, Wow Kids, Gurukulam, Doodles, Good shepherd and so on.


Details of Pre-School Activity

14th October, 2019

A Workshop in Sign Language - Alphabet & Simple Greetings

16th October, 2019

Celebrating World Food Day

Clay modeling & Paper craft

23rd October, 2019

Demonstration on Phonics

23rd October, 2019

Drawing & Coloring Activity

24th October, 2019

Fit India - Sports Activity

24th October, 2019

Dance & Singing Activity

25th October, 2019

Nutrition & Health

31st October, 2019


Pumpkin carving, mask making & face painting & Halloween parade!

22nd November, 2019

Puppet Show

24th November, 2019

The Redbridge Mini Marathon

Marathon will be conducted inside the school campus for the Pre-Primary children.

14th December, 2019

Show & Tell



The Annual Sports Meet initial pre-contested events between the four Houses (Aquas, Aeris, Ignis and Terra) of the School were conducted on Saturday 18th Oct 2019. The events witnessed races, relays, tug of war, obstacles races and other outdoor sporting events that saw the entire school fraternity assembled on the sport field. Students, parents and teachers enjoyed the athletic success of the winners on the field and cheered the participants loudly. The main sports day will be conducted on the 9th of Nov 2019. Medals to winners were distributed by Ms. Karen Kunder, Head of Academics and Teachers from respective Houses.



On the 21st of Sep (Saturday), a total of 550 pre-school children from 20 preschools across South Bangalore, assembled for a unique annual ‘inter pre-school competition’ organized by the Redbridge International Academy on Saturday from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. A traditional historic theme ‘The Great Indian Epics’ showcased cute bright eyed eager beavers participating in almost 15 different events including song, dance, poetry recitation, art, drama, fancy dress and so on. There were individual events and group event categories. Several Teachers and Center Heads attended the competition organized to unlock the creative talents of pre-schoolers. There were a few games organized for parents as well. The programme was coordinated and anchored with a large team of volunteers from the School Marketing Department and Academic Team Members. The colorful programme enjoyed thoroughly by the tiny tots. Medals and prizes distributed to all participants, and judges felicitated. The winners in various categories however, received trophies for their competitive spirit! Principal, Mr. Christopher Browne distributed the Prizes, and the School Chairman, Mr. Rohan Agarwal graced the occasion to award the trophy to the overall winner and present the vote of thanks to the pre-school participants.



The Placement Seminars at Redbridge continue to gain momentum, with another top ranked US University, ranked top 5% within the US University rankings, visiting the campus on 9th Sep 2019, to talk to the secondary and high school students on overseas careers after schooling. Mr. Andrew Kupec, the Associate Director for International Admissions personally visited the School and made an excellent presentation on the scope of Undergraduate and Post-graduate study courses at the Bryant University. He clarified all the queries students and faculty had. The visit and session was organized by Dr. Moses Satralkar, Head of Business Development and Academic Placements and attended by Ms. Karen Kunder, Head of Academics and IBDP Coordinator. Several IBDP/Senior School Faculty members attended the seminar. Students studying at Bryant represent 53 countries; the University has a beautiful campus of 435 acres, over 3,477 undergraduate students and an additional number of Postgraduate students with over 80% students residing on campus, a 13:1 student faculty ratio with appx 30% scholarship provisions annually. The University offers a range of undergraduate programmes with specializations in computer information systems, data sciences, IT, international business, finance, human resource management, basic sciences, various arts and music all accommodated within two Colleges – the college of business and the college of arts and sciences.



To honor Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan an Indian Politician and Statesman (1888-1975), his birthday is celebrated on 5th September as Teacher’s Day every year in both Public and Private Schools across India. The Redbridge International Academy students as every year outdo their efforts to make their Teachers feel special. This year on 5th Sep 2019, students organized the entire agenda themselves and celebrated the role of their Teachers with much enthusiasm. The school had a day ‘off’ of classes. This added more excitement to the proceedings, with children only too happy to present skits, songs, a group dance and basically have a fun filled day. Children from the primary put up dances and songs, wearing colorful costumes, whereas the secondary and high school children put up a hilarious play, mimicking classes in session, and imitating their teachers.Principal Mr. Christopher Browne gave a warm speech on occasion of Teachers Day. Ms. Karen Kunder, Dr. Moses Satralkar and Mr. Alok Mittal were in attendance to applaud the effort of the children. A huge cake bought by the high school students was cut and distributed. Thereafter, the kids got into a frenzy, dancing to loud music pulling the teachers onto the stage to dance along-with them. Finally a buffet lunch organized by the School culminated the festivities of the day.



The prestigious United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR) at Geneva Switzerland, invited Dr. Moses Satralkar as a Panelist on occasion of the Launch of the International Youth Leadership Movement to empower Youth to fulfill and carry forward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG’s) to the year 2030 and beyond in an attempt to transform their respective communities. The Conference was organized on the 27th of Sep 2019 at the Palais’ des Nations, European Headquarters of the United Nations. The organizers from the USA, Switzerland, European Union and India were associated formally with the Global Challenges Forum a strategic global think tank working in conjunction with UNITAR in Geneva. The distinguished Keynote Speakers, Youth Speakers and Panelists working and studying in different Government Organizations, Universities, Corporations, and International Schools made a huge impact at the Conference. A total of 140 leaders and youth from several countries assembled to launch the movement making the event a grand success.



On the 8th of August 2019, Redbridge senior school students from Grade 9 to Grade 12, had a training and placement session organized by Dr. Moses Satralkar and jointly conducted by Ms. Evlon De’Souza who represented 3 British Universities and 1 Japanese University. A total of appx 35 students attended the session including the IB Diploma students. Career streams, subject combinations, college/university course options and application procedures were discussed. The institutions represented included:
1. University of York -  A Russell Group multi-disciplinary university ranked top 150 in the world and well- known for research.
2. University of Roehampton -  A multi-disciplinary university located in London known for student satisfaction.
3. The University of Buckingham - A TEF Gold rated University known for medicine and its 2 year honours degree programmes in Business and Entrepreneurship.
4. Tokyo International University (Japan) - Ranked 5th in the whole country internationally and the 2nd in the metropolitan area.



The 73rd Independence Day of India, was celebrated with pomp and patriotic fervor on 15th Aug 2019, on campus, at the Redbridge International Academy. Principal, Mr. Christopher Browne, unfurled the tri-color amidst much cheer in the morning. The Principal gave a touching speech on memoirs of the freedom struggle, shared an exhortation from Mahatma Gandhi's speech and also narrated his personal experiences of the excitement Indian culture brings in the west. Thereafter, energetic students put up a dazzling variety of dances and songs. The first group dance was choreographed on the soothing soundtrack of 'Vande Mataram'. The subsequent salutation to the audience was by a secondary school student in proficient Hindi. The programme was anchored bilingually by smart middle school students. They spoke of the grandeur of Indian heritage, freedom fighters and even gave a bird’s eye view of the country's bright future!  A hip shaking dance on the song 'Rang de Basanti' put the audience in a frenzy. The  School Choir concluded the programme by singing the National Anthem. Most of the decorations, props, flags and dresses were organized by the students themselves with little assistance from their Teachers. Every Faculty Member was in attendance, most were attired in bright traditional dresses. Several students’ proudly sported tattoos or face paintings of the tri-color.  Members of the School Leadership in attendance included, Mr. Aok Mittal, Ms. Karen Kunder and Dr. Moses Satralkar who applauded the creative efforts of the School Students, Faculty, Administration and Support Staff in planning the event. Parents were greeted, group photographs taken, and goodies distributed to all assembled to bring an end to two hours of sheer fun and happiness commemorating a truly special day!



The annual ‘Tackle Inter School Football Tournament’ was conducted by ‘Coach Direct’ (a sports coaching academy headed by Mr.Veer), and hosted by Redbridge International Academy on the 17th August 2019. 24 schools from across Bangalore participated in three age group categories. An audience of over 400 people included players, coaches, students and accompanying parents. The league matches were high energy, spirited and action packed; the top 4 teams in each category moved into the semi-finals, and subsequent finals. All matches were nail-biting and fought until the last minute. The players exhibited excellent athleticism, ball control, passing, dribbling and finishing skills. Goal-keepers not to be outdone made amazing saves! Parents and supporters cheered as the players displayed their outstanding football prowess and scored brilliant goals. Sanjay Prabath (Gd IV), deserves a special mention for scoring a goal, that got Redbridge into the finals and won the School the runners up Trophy in the Under 9 yrs category. The senior Under 15 yrs team made it to the semi-finals. The hard work and long hours of practice put in by the players and coaches was evident. Mr. Maria Ramesh, the sports coach was responsible for training and selection of all three age groups of students for the School Teams. The Redbridge School Leadership including Mr. Christopher Browne, Mr. Rohan Agarwal, Mr. Alok Mittal and Dr. Moses Satralkar distributed the trophies and medals to the winning teams alongwith Coach Direct. The standard of inter-school football tournaments is increasing by leaps and bounds, thanks to the efforts of management of several schools, sports instructors, private coaching clubs and sponsors who believe that sports can unite, entertain and ignite the passion for holistic development.
Winners List of Tackle 2019 Inter-School Football Tournament.
U9 Winners: Vibgyor School, E-City
U9 Runners-up: Redbridge International Academy
U12 Winners: Christ Academy
U12 Runners-up: St Paul’s English School
U15 Winners: BGS National Public School
U15 Runners-up: Vibgyor School E-City



The National Education Seminar in Education: Systems, Practices and Research was organized and hosted by the Christ University at Bangalore from 22nd and 24th Aug 2019. Select Heads of IB Schools were invited for the Panel Discussion and Paper Presentation. An audience of over 300 people including, Students and Faculty of the Bachelors in Education Programme (B. Ed), Masters in Education (MA. Education), as well as MA in Psychology, studying at the Christ University assembled at the state of the art auditorium in the morning. Dr. Fr. V. Abraham Vice Chancellor of the University gave the welcome address and presided over the inaugural function alongwith the Deans and Heads of Departments. The Panel Discussion revolved around the interesting topic “Emerging Trends in School Systems an IB Perspective”. Dr. Moses Satralkar was the moderator for the Panel Discussion and presented a paper on Application of Neuroscience in Education Practices. Chairman, Mr. Rohan Agarwal was amongst the Panelists for this conference and articulated his ideas with clarity citing case studies. The participation from Redbridge was very well received and applauded by all including, several Heads of IB Schools, educators, media, and the national delegation at the conference.



The International Career and College Counseling Forum was convened at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Mumbai on 28th and 29th of Aug 2019. The Annual International Career & College Counseling (IC3) brings together higher education representatives for a collaborative dialogue on issues that drive sustainable and inclusive counseling practices focused on student success in higher education placements. With a view that career and college counseling is as important as teaching Mathematics or English in high schools, IC3 aims to empower high schools with professional development opportunities to ensure that students find the best answers to questions like “what to study,” “where to study,” and “how to make it happen.” A total of appx 1000 delegates from 36 countries, attended the event representing 425 High Schools and 225 Universities across the world. Dr. Moses Satralkar, Head of Business Development and Academic Placements attended the Annual Conference for a second successive year to understand the placements process better and organize new partnerships for placement opportunities with Universities.



As a part of the ongoing International School Award Project "Food Fiesta", the Pre-primary teachers performed a Role Play "The Ugly Vegetables" by "Grace Lin" on 26th July 2019. The story was based on Chinese Vegetables: Wombok (Chinese cabbage). Choy Sum and Buk Choi (Chinese Spinach),Sin Qua (Chinese Ridge gourd). Children learnt the importance of growing and eating healthy vegetables. On another day in July “Folklores and Fables” were celebrated in the Primary school and a special assembly was conducted. All the students participated in the co-construction of the plays, props and songs which ensured active learning of interesting stories along-with their teachers. Overall it was an exciting experience to watch the role play and narratives on romantic tales. Other ongoing ISA projects include secondary and high school promote international partnerships with other schools abroad to engage in video learning between children and teachers of respective schools to enhance cultural understanding, economic scenario, languages, seasons and cuisines.



Redbridge International Academy was represented at the Eldrock K-12 Education Summit on the 17th of July 2019 at the Taj West End hotel in Bangalore. Mr. Rohan Agarwal, Chairman of the School and Dr. Moses Satralkar, Head Business Development and Placements attended this event. The national summit had a total of 190 select Heads of Schools, Principals and Owners/Trustees from across the country attending their annual conference. The four panel discussions involved discussions on the scope of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Education and the new tools in technology to upgrade school labs as well as school learning management systems. New ideas for school development were discussed by keynote speakers. The occasion provided a good opportunity for networking and meeting leaders in the International School industry. The evening saw an occasion of an award ceremony, wherein the Redbridge International Academy Chairman was awarded with a special citation, for organizing excellence in curriculum development, at the institution.



As part of expeditionary learning, several outdoor field trips are organized for primary and secondary school students throughout the year. These trips include short one day field trips and longer excursions of 3-4 days. On the 26th of July students of Grade 1 and 2 had exciting hands on interactive field trip to the Big Barn Nature Farm. A total of 97 of the school children had a lot of fun feeding the farm animals, planting saplings, playing games and participating in team activities at the farm. This was a fun learning session conducted outdoor. A few teachers, who accompanied the students, also gave a glowing feedback of their experiences. Our children also had great experiences playing games, having a picnic lunch, as well as happily exploring the flaura and fauna of the farm while taking a joyride in a tractor trailer!



As part of engagement with institutions of higher education, students from Christ University, Bangalore and Jain University, Bangalore pursue short internships of few months and research projects at the Redbridge International Academy. These studies are to gain practical insight on educational leadership, educational systems, teaching learning developments, and the psychology of student-teacher interactions. The month of July saw two teams of post-graduate students from these respective Universities visiting Redbridge International Academy to meet with Dr. Moses Satralkar to discuss practical implications of these academic research studies. After the study, dissertations will be submitted by these students to their Universities, for the qualification Masters in Educational Leadership and Doctorate in Philosophy respectively.



Eric Carles Day was celebrated in the Primary, Middle and Secondary School. This unique day celebrates the birthday of Eric Carles (born 25th June 1929) a notable American designer, author and illustrator of children’s books. A reading programme was organized on 25th July 2019 for students in all classes. Student’s enjoyed reading outdoors, indoors, in the library and on the school lawns along with their Teachers.



The Annual Prize Day for the Academic Year 2018-19 and Investiture of Prefects for 2019-20, was ceremoniously conducted from 10.30 am, on Saturday 22nd June 2019, at the school auditorium. Reverend Oswin Jamestudd, Senior Pastor, Eternal Light, Assembly of God Church, Electronic City was Chief Guest and his spouse, Mrs. Shimi Jamestudd Professor at the T. John College of Engineering, distributed prizes. The formal investiture ceremony highlighted the many hours of rigorous practice coordinated by the senior school teachers and students orchestrating march past; oath taking by flag bearers, instituting house captains, head boy, head girl and new prefects. The parents enjoyed the resplendent display of decorum and school heritage on stage. Almost 90 prizes were distributed to students applauding their academic merit, general proficiency and all round performance. Over 500 parents attended the programme which was professionally anchored by the School Faculty Mr. Nathan Nayyar, Ms, Meenakshi Murgudass and Ms. Meenakshi Chowdhury. Ms. Karen Kunder and Ms. Mitra gave detailed progress reports for the previous year. The primary students put up spectacular dance performances; and school choir sang melodious songs, that left the audience enthralled. Considerable effort was put in by Mr. Maria Ramesh, the Sports Teacher, Mr. Meher Sagar the Dance Teacher and Mr. Stefan D’Souza the Music Teacher in conducting practice sessions with the Children to ensure the programme was a success. School Principal, Mr. Christopher Browne gave a thought provoking speech on the four elements of Nature depicted in the school logo which are Aquas (Water), Terra (Earth), Ignis (Fire) and Aeries (Air). These Elements represent the Four School Houses as well. Thereafter, our distinguished Chief Guest, the very Reverend Oswin Jamestudd delivered a brilliant exposition on the lesser known Fifth Element, Aether or the Spirit; highlighting the unique process and importance of Spiritual Development of school students. Dr. Moses Satralkar, welcomed and introduced the Chief Guests and the Chairman, Mr. Rohan Agarwal gave the vote of thanks, concluding a great event to start an exciting new academic year at the Redbridge International Academy.



The International School Award Project; officially awarded by the British Council, UK to the Redbridge International Academy, was implemented with the first project on ‘Food Fiesta’ launched on 17th June 2019, during the commencement of the new academic session. Each grade chose to explore and understand the different ingredients, gastronomic delights, preparation, and nutritional values of healthy life styles afforded by different cultural cuisines including Indian, Chinese and Continental (Italian, French & Spanish). Children enjoyed learning through audio visuals, art and craft, and few even cooked up a few dishes in a group and put them on display for everyone.



The World Environment Day, as every year, is celebrated on 5th June 2019. On this occasion the School organized several activities that continued for almost a week. The children of preparatory viewed a PPT on the importance of trees. The little children were taken on a guided campus tour to view the flora and fauna on the campus and taught about ecological conservation The Interdisciplinary learning experience integrated Phonics (for literacy), Counting (for numeracy) and Rhymes (for music). The secondary school students conducted small experimental research studies on growth of plants in the laboratory.


The entire month of May involved rigorous planning and preparation by the School Leadership for the new academic year, hiring new faculty and organizing the induction for all the Teachers. Workshops were conducted on key concepts in International Education.

1. Integrated Teaching and Learning Strategies - Dr. Ken Gnanakan and Dr. Moses Satralkar

Dr. Ken an expert and an author of the book 'Integrated Learning' made spiritual applications of academic learning to real life. Team teaching session by the expert's demonstrated inter-connectedness of different subjects taught in School. Video analysis on interdisciplinary class room teaching was organized; the importance of academic concept development or experiential learning (learning by doing), was explained. The importance of book reading as a habit was discussed; the evolving nature of artistic inclinations, music, theatre and dramatics was explained. Dr. Moses explained expeditionary learning as a case-study demonstrating how art, culture, history, geography and biodiversity can be studied by outdoor expeditions or field trips. The importance of reading and writing in the class and importance of listening, observing, communicating and kinesthetic development outside the classroom was evaluated critically. Combination of different subjects in developing a better brain was studied. Parts and Wholes were discussed. Design thinking and the five steps for design thinking for educational development were explained. These five steps include Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test. Group activities and presentations were put up by the Teachers.


2. Whole Education and Assessment - Dr. Moses Satralkar and Dr. Ken Gnanakan

The complete Psychology of Holistic Development with regard to the 5 main attributes of whole schooling was analyzed by Dr. Moses. A complete handout of the theories related to whole education was provided. 1. Cognitive- Practical experiences of Benjamin Bloom, Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky and the IQ theory 2. Aesthetic - Multiple Intelligence's or MI by Howard Gardner 3. Emotional - Emotional quotient and EQ development by Daniel Goleman 4. Physical - The physical quotient PQ and Outdoor learning by Kurt Hahn was discussed 5. Spiritual - Spiritual development or SQ, focusing on self actualization and servant leadership postulated by Abraham Maslow and John Dewey was discussed. Faculty members were taught to develop atleast one goal in each of the five areas to develop themselves independently. Dr. Ken taught the faculty groups how to organize creative assessment of the students of different age groups holistically. The teachers put up an interesting role play, a narrative and developed an assessment rubric.


3. Mindfulness as a Practice and Reflection - Ms. Fatema Khader and Ms. Ketaki Natekar

The importance of Mindfulness as a conscious realization was analyzed for better attention and focus of students and teachers, within a classroom scenario. Teachers were taught to be more conscious, focused, alert and they were exposed to different strategies to practice mindfulness in the classroom. Breathing techniques, memory recall through smell (spice), listening skills (toll of a bell), observing turbidity of water, slowing down pace of walk/steps and slowing down speech patterns were explained. The need for quietude and silence was taught to still the mind and de-stress a teacher and a child. Reflection as an abstract art was taught to shape the learning experience to develop the faculty members to create a better learning environment. Both Facilitators provided detailed handbooks and guidelines, to introduce Mindfulness as well as Reflection in the classrooms.


4. Team building and Collaboration - Mr. Matthew Abraham

The power of positive communication and as a vehicle to motivate people was studied in depth.The psychometric indicators for personality type were identified through a questionnaire. Personal strengths and personality indicators were defined for each teacher by the dynamic Facilitator. The importance of group work was explained through games. The importance of overcoming fear, building positive attitudes, learning to let go of hurt and stress, overcoming land mines, overcoming baggage's and essence of team work to save, time, effort and nurture intrinsic talent was discussed through case studies and group activities.


5. Communication Skills and Discipline - Dr. Manjula Raman and Dr. Shanti Rajan

Importance of effective verbal and non verbal skills for Teachers were addressed by the expert facilitators, the key attributes of new means to communicate with parents, students and peers was discussed. The key areas of student discipline were discussed. Video analysis and case studied showed how effective communication can resolve most internal problems within the schooling environment. The importance of time-management in education was expressed to teachers. The various cycles of communication across all levels and reporting cycles were studied.


6. Pedagogy, ISA Projects and Internal Planning – Mr. Christopher Browne and Ms. Karen Kunder

Several other internal training programmes and workshops were organized for the Teachers by the Principal and Head of Academics. The interactive session included opening remarks from the Principal who provided positive inputs on the Faculty Feedback Survey conducted before school closure. The prestigious ISA award from the British Council included formulation of ongoing project work related to different academic streams as well as collaborative plans with international schools in three other countries. Different aspects of Pedagogy were discussed, including lesson planning, classroom management, differentiated instruction, and assessment. The Annual year plan was developed for pre-primary, primary, secondary and high school. IBDP induction for Faculty was organized. A detailed workshop on Phonics was conducted for the Primary and Pre Primary Sections. Robotics training, My Class-board (MCB) induction, Smart-board training were also conducted by respective stakeholders.


7. Chairman's Address – Mr. Rohan Agarwal

The Chairman greeted all the Faculty Members during the Faculty Orientation Programme, a detailed analysis of the ICSE results was provided. The School achieved 100% pass results from all the students with merit holders scoring over 90% in several subjects. The Chairman made a comprehensive presentation on academic development, administrative development, accreditations, admissions updates, a roadmap of new initiatives as well as group projects being introduced in the School. Suggestions from the Teachers were duly noted, and are being discussed for implementation as part of the schooling enhancement for students and parents.



During the month of April, the school was in vacation mode; however the Administration continued to work to plan several new initiatives for the new academic year to augment academic learning and whole person development. Innovative experiences are being planned for students of the Redbridge International Academy. New initiatives include introduction of :

      Robotics as a full-fledged programme for secondary school students with exposure provided to both primary and pre-primary students. This will teach students concepts of cutting edge technology, engineering, math physics and astronomy.
      Experiential science kits will be introduced as hands on working models for conceptual learning of Physics, Chemistry and Biology for secondary school.
      Mindspark English and Mindspark Mathematics, to enhance the verbal and logical reasoning ability of students. This will be introduced in the primary and pre-primary sections.
      Story-telling and quizzing will be introduced to further the impetus on creativity and general knowledge amongst all the school students.


The Admissions team effort continued throughout the year culminating during the vacation before the start of the new academic season. The school witnessed a record number of new admissions registrations for the academic year 2019-2020. The IBDP programme also received admissions closures, and the course will be launched by July 2019.


An elaborate teacher training programme was developed by Dr. Moses Satralkar in consultation with Mr. Christopher Browne and Ms. Karen Kunder for induction next month (after school reopens). Two weeks of teacher education workshops included the first week of pedagogy of international education with professional strategies of teaching and learning. Top external educators are being invited for conducting these workshops. The second week included plans for internal workshops by various school faculty members. The workshop topics included strategies to develop reflective teaching practices, personality development, mindfulness, group dynamics, team building, verbal and non verbal communication, discipline and interdisciplinary teaching-learning. An annual year round schedule for teacher development is also being planned by the School Leadership.



The children of Pre-Primary had fun with colors as they celebrated "Picasso Day" on 1st Mar 2019.The passion for aesthetics infused in beautiful paintings by the legendary artist Pablo Picasso was rekindled in the minds of the little children as they were introduced to 6 techniques of painting; finger dabbing, sponge dabbing, hand printing, spray painting, stencil painting and free-hand painting. The entire morning was spent coloring and painting in the classrooms. Students and Teachers together happily painted on everything they could find, and pasted their artwork on the walls inside the classroom, making the environment come alive with vibrant colors. The children were enveloped in a fervor for painting that day, and this brought out the hidden artist in themselves!


A competition for "Innovative Digital Teaching Methods" was organized amongst the Teachers of Redbridge International Academy on 26th March 2019 as part of the 'Smart Board Project' implementation at School. All Teachers from pre-primary to high school deftly demonstrated how they could use applications such as ActivInspire and PowerPoint to transform the learning environment of the class. The competition highlighted the fact that with digital integration, learning can be spontaneous, student-centric and fun. This also showcased the professional expertise of the faculty with regard to utilization of emerging tools in curriculum delivery at School.



An important Educational Seminar for Placement Heads and Career Counselors was conducted at the ITC Gardenia Hotel, Bangalore on 25th March 2019. The session was conducted by Dr. Alan Patching and Dr. Bruce Hanson, both distinguished Professors from Bond University, Australia. The research discussion was relating to two fields: Determining psychological processes in career guidance and data analytics for new career options in higher education. Dr. Moses Satralkar was invited to attend the conference. The interactions were informative and beneficial to understand on the process of international admissions, and evaluating opportunity of future career choices available for high school students of Redbridge, particularly those aspiring to study on the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), Switzerland.


The Singapore Institute of Management conducted a networking event for creating awareness of scholarship programmes available at their institution with a group of select counselors from across top International Schools in Bangalore. The event was conducted on the 18th March 2019 at the Hotel Ramada Encore. The discussions focused on subject combinations at the institute, application timelines, how scholarships can be availed by graduating high school students, the criteria for scholarships and the twinning programmes the institution has with several prestigious British Universities. Mr. Hector Leon (USA) Director for Placements, Indus International School, Bangalore, Dr. Moses Satralkar, Head Business Development and Placements, Redbridge International Academy, and Mr. Maxim Lobo, Career Counselor, Bangalore International School were amongst the invited delegates.



Redbridge organized the third edition of Adbhuta; staging the finals of the largest talent search competition for school going students for South Bangalore on 3rd Feb 2019. The third consecutive year of this annual competition was awaited by many schools.
There were 150 finalists who performed to win the coveted prizes sponsored by the school. Prior to the finals, the preliminary rounds were conducted in various gated communities across South Bangalore over several months, which attracted a huge turnout of children who participated in the screening.
The competition amongst the shortlisted finalists was intense and varying age groups who participated were from 3 yrs to 15 yrs. Various events included singing karaoke, dancing, playing musical instruments, acting, synchronized choreography, poetry recitation and demonstration of other Talent.
The event was anchored superbly by Ms. Meenakshi Chowdhury who continually encouraged the stupendous effort that showcased the fine mettle of each plucky little child and teen as they enthusiastically took to stage with their fine costumes. Both boys and girls were at the best trying to outdo the other! The tireless hours of practice were obvious as the star-struck parent audience applauded the competitive professionalism of school going children.
The event commenced in the morning and 11 am and continued well into the evening with prizes distributed at 5 pm. The event was staged in the sports complex and the gala time was enjoyed by parents, teachers and staff of several schools for the whole day. Dignitaries from the Redbridge International Academy who distributed the numerous prizes included Mr. Rohan Agarwal, the Chairman, Mr. Christopher Browne, the Principal and Dr. Moses, Head of Business and Placements.
The prizes included cups and trophies and a mega champion's trophy for the overall winner, which was bagged by a highly trained classical Indian danseuse, a teen, who enthralled the audience with her brilliant performance. The event had media coverage, and performances were broadcast on the local TV channel as well as on the internet.


The Pre-Primary graduation day, was a fabulous experience as 36 tiny tots of the pre-primary at Redbridge, paraded in a graduation march, smartly dressed in their graduation capes and hats on 23rd Feb 2019.
The special assembly in the morning drew in all the parents of the graduating class, all the school faculty and administrative staff. The school choir sang several melodious songs to cheer the graduating children, moreover, the primary school children put up a lovely group dance and the teachers sang a song to bid adieu and congratulate the graduates as they move up to the Primary School.
The Principal, Mr. Christopher Browne gave a warm speech to congratulate the children and their parents; he particularly appreciated the excellent effort put in by the pre-primary teachers.
The orientation into Primary was organized on the same day by Ms. Karen Kunder, Head of Academics and IBDP coordinator, who made a thorough presentation for parents on the vertical alignment of the academic school curriculum and taught program for the children in the next phase of their schooling.



On 26th February, outstanding academic performances of our students, at the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) in English, Science and Mathematics brought many smiles to the academic fraternity at Redbridge.

The students were commended for brilliant results in the competitive effort in these subjects, making the school, their teachers and their parents proud of their herculean effort, as they outdid students from several other schools.

The meritorious students were felicitated by the Principal in a special assembly.


On 15th February, the STEM challenge competition was conducted by the SDRO Astronomy on campus at Redbridge. Professional Instructors educated the registered students on how to make a glider planes and robots using basic resources, and demonstrated flying of drones in the campus.

This was an intense engaging hands on group activity where advanced interdisciplinary concepts of physics, science and mathematics were taught to students practically.

The new frontier of Astronomy as a career was explained. Student participation was focused and they asked several critical questions completed the project given in record time. Prize Winners at the competition received certificates of merit from the SDRO Astronomy Club.



Redbridge celebrated its 5th Annual Day on the 19th of Jan 2019. The entire school fraternity put up a grand scene on stage enacting the Pied Piper of Harlem. There were over 600 parents and guests in attendance and appx 280 students who participated on stage as part of the actors, choir, dance troop, and narrators. The Principal gave a warm opening address welcoming the Chief Guest and School Trustees who were in attendance. The Chief Guest for this grand evening was Dr. Ken Gnanakan, President of the ACTS group of Institutions and International Council of Higher Education; a distinguished international educator and author. He gave a brilliant address on holistic child development and leadership. The choral rendition was melodious, as was the décor on stage with multi-colored lights in the hall, crystal clear soundtracks for the play, a huge LED display as backdrop of Hamlin as well as live music backing, all on a massive elevated stage in the Multipurpose Complex. All the school Faculty assisted in ensuring the play was a success, the music, dance and art department in particular put in stupendous effort to synchronize the colorful props, fancy dresses, artwork on stage and cut- outs of cartoon characters as well as decorations around the school campus. The acting by the children was exemplary, there was actually a positive twist in our tale since the Pied Piper not only got rid of all the rats in Harlem, he even brought the little children back after he got handsomely rewarded by the king, and even found employment in the grand old town with its comely maidens, and jolly good townsmen! The banter was all in good humor; parents enjoyed the two hour programme thoroughly and gave a thunderous applause to celebrate their children's performance. All age groups from the tiny tots to high schoolers showcased their talents on stage with much gusto. Overall it was a very memorable day in the history of Redbridge.


Every Saturday, Redbridge had a two hour seminar conducted on relevant educational themes particularly for parents. This is part of the School's ongoing parental engagement programme organized to augment the school's holistic child development policy. Key topics included, conscious parenting strategies, time management for student success, expeditionary learning and nurturing emotional intelligences (postulated by Daniel Goleman). Expert faculty comprised Dr. Moses Satralkar and Ms. Nivedita Babu. The trainers provided insight with practical case studies on how these areas can be nurtured in children highlighting the role of parents in a child's educational journey. Sessions were interactive, parents asked critical questions, gave open feedback on the concept as well as on their child's progress at Redbridge.



Republic day was celebrated on the 25th Jan and 26th Jan 2019 on school campus. The flag was unfurled with the singing of the national anthem. Students put up a special assembly and it was filled with patriotic fervor and excitement. Speeches, art collage, a play, few songs and a dance enthralled the audience. Snacks were organized and the children had a gala time celebrating the history and culture of the creation of one of the world's largest republics.


Kite flying festival was celebrated on 14th Jan 2019 by the school both on campus by the Pre-primary department as well as off campus on the 20th of Jan 2019 weekend. At school, the pre-primary children were taught how to make kites. The children were fascinated watching videos of kites flying in the sky and eagerly made a few themselves. Off campus in an open event, a massive crowd of children and parents came in with their colorful kites to enjoy themselves on a holiday. Thanks to the bright sunny day with a gentle breeze, the weather was perfect for flying kites high in the sky. Children were captivated by the scene of hundreds of kites in the sky, as well as the delectable food and ice-cream stalls at the venue.



There were two separate seminars entitled Multiple Intelligences (postulated by Howard Gardner) and Child Psychology (Cognitive Development postulated by Lev Vygotsky and Jean Piaget), organized by the School for Parents over the weekend's in Dec. Both seminars were conducted by Dr. Moses Satralkar. The seminar's covered key essentials on the critical aspect of identification and promotion of multiple intelligences in children; as well as stages in psychological development, and well-being of students of all age groups. The seminar highlighted the lesser known role of parents in this process. There were appx 35 parents in attendance; the seminars were interactive and well received by all the participants.


It gives us great pleasure to inform all our parents, friends and well-wishers that the Redbridge International Academy has received formal authorization in Dec 2018, from the prestigious International Baccalaureate Organization (, as IB World School for offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP – high school qualification), which we will be offering as an international curriculum programme (Grade XI and Grade XII|) with effect from the academic year commencing mid 2019. Admissions for this rewarding academic curriculum programme are open, scholarships are available, and we look forward to receiving registrations from prospective parents and students.



Redbridge organized and hosted the inter-school open chess tournament in Dec which saw a lot of interest and a huge turnout of over 400 children. Children from all age groups flocked to the school campus on the 9th and 10th of Dec. Enthusiastic and bright students came along-with their parents. The competition was intense, and long drawn. There were prizes for winners in all the categories and it was a very enjoyable competitive sport event for all.


Redbridge celebrated show and tell colors festival at school to acknowledge the emotions and creative facets of colors in education. A whole drama was put up, lots of colorful resources were showcased, and fun based activities were organized by the teachers. Middle school put up an exhibition of colorful resources and senior school put up articles and picture collages. The students highlighted the role of colors in making life pleasant. The Primary School Teachers also participated in a colorful dress display and the school had a wonderful environment of fun and frolic.



A special Christmas Assembly was organized in School, where the children put up a nativity play, sang Christmas carols taught to them by the Music department, a play was practiced at length and put up with several creative props. Children decorated the school with a Christmas tree, and enjoyed the festive spirit of Christmas by playing with balloons, dressing up in santa-claus outfits, sharing presents, and eating a lot of delicious goodies!


Sports Day

The Redbridge International Academy and Redbridge Juniors International Pre School Sports Day was celebrated with much excitement and enthusiasm on 3rd Nov 2018. Mr. G. N. C. Reddy, Chairman of the GNR Group of Institutions was the Chief Guest. Colorful hot air balloons were released at the inauguration, and the children cheered on the unfurling of the school flag and sang the school song with gusto. There were 42 events in all, the sports meet commenced at 10:00 am and concluded at 2:00 pm. Students of all age groups, from all grades, participated right from primary to high school. The competition was intense; from the creative events for primary school including buzzing bees, hurdles, bouncing balls, hula hut, obstacle race to secondary school events such as the athletic races, relay's, tug of war, march past, aerobics and karate display for secondary school. The winners were awarded medals, certificate of participation were given to all, and the championship trophies were given to outstanding performances. Overall, it was a fun filled, physically vibrant and colorful experience for students and parents. The event had a packed audience with parents cheering on the students.

Children's Day

One of the most enjoyable moments of Redbridge was celebrated on the 14th of Nov 2018, Children's Day! Children's Day is always a big hit at Redbridge as the children get a number of free periods, and can wear any colorful clothing and enjoy a programme put up this time not by themselves but by their Teachers. They get to be a part of the audience, and enjoy the show! Our Teachers dressed up as students and put up a variety entertainment programme including songs, dance and mimicry to the delight and huge applause of the entire children community. A buffet lunch spread was provided to all the children and teachers by the School.



The highlight of the month of Nov was the 4th annual edition of “Premazing”, the much celebrated inter pre-school competition organized and hosted by Redbridge on the 17th of Nov 2018. A total of 560 pre-school students, from 14 schools participated in seven competitive events including Fancy Dress, Song, Dance, Recitation, Drawing/Painting, Drama and Games. The theme this year was “Super-heroes”; the kids put up a dazzling performance, with brilliant effort on all completive events. The programme commenced at 9:00 am and concluded at 3:00 pm. There was a festive environment in the School, with an excited group of bright eyed, cherubic tiny tots, smartly dressed coming into Redbridge. There were stalls selling ice-creams, a food truck, toy shop and a book vendor. It was a fantastic event where parents and teachers from different pre-schools also came in with their children to watch their children unlock their full potential in a creative manner. Prizes were distributed to the winners, each and every child got a certificate, a snack box, a small gift and the championship trophy awarded to the various winning schools.

Culinary Delights

The primary students celebrated fiberglass cooking or cooking without fire on 30th Nov 2018. Our little master chef's prepared delectable dishes in pairs and groups in the classroom itself using simple yet delicious ingredients which they carefully brought from home. Teachers introduced the students the basic essentials of cooking without fire, the basic tips on how to select and use ingredients using just fiberglass apparatus. The children enjoyed the learning process, gaining valuable insight on how to cut fruits, vegetables, use the mixer/grinders, display food on a plate, and label the dishes. The students then shared their cuisines with each other and enjoyed a sumptuous meal which they had whipped together happily.

World Milk Day

ASSET Test Result

Stupendous academic achievement was celebrated at Redbridge on 23rd Oct 2018 as five students of secondary school excelled in the prestigious ASSET Talent Search exam (ATS) conducted Nationwide. These students competed against 400,000 students, across 908 schools and 215 cities, and were placed in the top 10% of qualifying students. This placed the students amongst 90th percentile scores and they were categorized as academically advanced students by the ASSET organization, this provided them special benefits for further guidance and academic coaching by this organization.

The names of the students are:
• Balamurugan Senthilkumar (Grade V)
• Sriharita Rayabarapu (Grade VI)
• Abhishek Vittal (Grade VII)
• Shubham Choudhary (Grade VII)
• Aditya R (Grade VIII).

Good Parenting and Child Safety Seminar for Parents

The school had a special seminar for parents on Good Parenting Skills and Child Safety on 13th Oct 2018 from 12:45 pm to 1:45 pm after the Parent Teachers Meeting at School. Appx 60 parents attended the Seminar conducted by expert mentors Mr. Godfrey and Mr. Shawn from People Pro. The session highlighted the concept of relationship building between parents and students, and the acute need for parental involvement in moral development of children at an early age, as the fundamental basis on which academic learning should built on in schools. The strategies to ensure child safety on campus and off campus were also highlighted. This initiative was a part of the child safety week at school. All of the parents in attendance appreciated the advice and requested for more such interactive sessions for parents at School.

Placement Seminar
Mini Marathon

Women's Health and Safety Seminar

An informative session on women’s health and safety focusing on Breast Cancer Awareness was conducted by doctors from Ramakrishna Hospital as part of Redbridge's Safety Week programme for the Students and Staff on 12th Oct 2018. This initiative was a part of the child safety week at school. The session was well received with number of queries raised and clarified by the students and staff. The doctors provided excellent information pertaining to good health and strategies to prevent breast cancer.

Child Safety and POCSO seminar for Students

As part of the child safety week, a seminar for was conducted for all the primary and secondary students in batches on 11th Oct 2018. All 300 students attended as did faculty members. The advice was provided by Mr. Girish an expert working with People Pro. Various aspects of protection of children from sexual offences were outlined, as well as legal clauses of the Central Government and BEO regulation for POCSO. Thorough orientation was provided to the students with case studies. The school has a committee instituted for grievances against children and employees to address all matters concerning POCSO to ensure child and employee safety on school campus.

Interdisciplinary Teaching in Secondary School
Grandparents Day

Ivy League Model United Nations (ILMUN) Seminar

Redbridge conducted the Ivy League Model United Nations (ILMUN), pre-conference seminar on 9th October 2018, for students of grades 7 to12. Brochures were distributed by staff representative associated with ILMUN and Dr. Moses. Every year over 500 high school students attend this prestigious seminar from schools across the country, which provides them exposure on UN functioning, global issues, international events and careers. This year faculty from the University of Pennsylvania, USA will be conducting the sessions during the conference in Bangalore from 22-15 Nov 2018. Students/parents can view and register for the main conference annually on

World Milk Day

World Milk Day

Redbridge International Academy celebrated the World Milk Day on 25th Sep 2018. A guest lecture was organized in the pre-primary to recognize the "Importance of Milk as a Global Food" and benefits of milk as well as milk products in health and nutrition. The pre-primary students enjoyed the celebrations and participated in craftwork and sketching diagrams showcasing the significance of milk in human nutrition.

Placement Seminar:

The Redbridge International Academy organized a placement seminar with the prestigious Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland on 21st Sep 2018. Students from Grade 8 – 11 attended this seminar organized by the School to promote awareness of high quality international education overseas at the Trinity College after completion of high school. The country advisor for the institution made an excellent presentation which was well received by the students.

Placement Seminar
Mini Marathon

Mini Marathon – Education is Freedom

A mini-marathon was conducted at Redbridge International Academy on 16th September, 2018 early morning, in association with Coach Direct and Decathlon to celebrate the cause “Education is Freedom". Over 200 students, parents, teachers and academic leaders from all age groups, representing several schools in Bangalore, participated in the 3 km and 5 km run. It was a successful event to promote the cause.

Interdisciplinary Teaching in Secondary School

Inter-disciplinary teaching and learning is being used as a strategy for innovative curriculum delivery by Faculty at the Redbridge International Academy. An interdisciplinary class integrating different subjects like English, Chemistry, Geography and Art was conducted to study a Volcano as a practical demonstration for Grade 9 students at the Pottery lab on 19th Sep 2018.

Interdisciplinary Teaching in Secondary School
Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day was celebrated on 11th Sep 2018 at Redbridge with much enthusiasm by the Students, who put up plays/skits, mimicry and narrated appreciation for the grandparents. Several grandparents attended the function and were felicitated by the teachers and students.

Teachers Day

Teachers Day was celebrated with much pomp and fanfare at School, all the teachers were felicitated and students put up songs, dance and a cultural programme to show their respect and appreciation towards their teachers. A special function and luncheon was organized at school.

Teachers Day

Theme of the Month – Rainbow.

The little ones of the Pre-primary Department put up a brilliant performance during the school assembly on 31st Aug 2018, on the theme “The Rainbow*. They first showcased the rainbow song, then put up a skit on the rainbow fish and finally narrated facts about the rainbow. The compering for the whole program was handled very professionally by the Preparatory children themselves. It was indeed a bright and colourful beginning to a cool and beautiful Friday morning and a veritable feast for all who had the privilege to witness it!

National Sports Day

The National Sports Day in India is celebrated on 29 August each year. This day marks the birthday of Major Dhyan Chand Singh, a hockey player who won gold medals in the Olympics for India in the years1928, 1932 and 1936. Little children of Pre-primary enjoyed the day with hands on activities.

Sports Day
Outdoor Adventure Excursion Trip

Outdoor Adventure Excursion Trip

Grades 4, 5 & 6 went on their field trip to Guru Freddy Academy on 25th Aug 2018. They did trekking, rock climbing, an obstacle course that they enthusiastically participated and enjoyed as part of the outdoor adventure excursion. Students learned different skills and competences like risk taking, problem solving and decision making in an outdoor environment. It was a great day and a fantastic learning experience for the children and the accompanying staff in a fabulous scenic environment which was refreshing for all.

Organic Farming

As part of the experiential learning programme, organic farming is being promoted at Redbridge International Academy. The primary as well as secondary school students plant and cultivate crops grown organically. Lettuce, tomatoes, radishes and fenugreek seeds were planted earlier, and a crop was harvested in Aug as part of the practical classes on 25 Aug 2018.

Organic Farming
Independence Day

Independence Day

The 72nd Independence Day of India, was celebrated with flag hoisting and a variety entertainment programme on 15th Aug 2018. Children and faculty members came together to put up a dazzling variety of dances, songs. Patriotic speeches by the Head Business Development and Placements as well as the Head of Academics were well received as part of the special assembly. A special lunch was organized for the entire School in the cafeteria.

Community Service

Community Service Project.

English as a Spoken Language (ESL) classes have commenced for the transport department on 30th July 2018 as part of the community service project undertaken by Redbridge International Academy. Bus drivers, bus parents and the support staff personnel are being taught ESL twice a week at School to help them improve their communication skills.

World Nature Conservation Day.

Children of Pre-Primary Department celebrated "World Nature Conservation Day" on 28th Jul 2018. They learnt the importance of conserving air, water, fuel, plant, electricity etc. Both indoor and outdoor activities were planned.

World Nature Conservation
Visit to the Museum

Visit to the Museum

The children of grades 1, 2 and 3 went on a field trip to Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum (VITM) Bengaluru on 27th July 2018 to commemorate its inauguration. This is the first science museum in the southern region which was opened way back in 27-07-1965 at Bangalore. Since then this museum has been a hub of science activities in the city. The museum has large number of exhibits and has thousands of students visiting every single day.

Field Trip to Decathlon

Children of our Pre-primary Department had an "Exciting and Informative Field Trip" to Decathlon (Bannerghatta) on 18th July 2018. They enjoyed the indoor and outdoor sports and games planned by Decathlon staff.

Field Trip to Decathlon
French International Day

French International Day

The 2nd & 3rd Language French students and RBIA celebrated French National Day with a special assembly on 14th July 2018. Cultural diversity is celebrated at Redbridge with much enthusiasm and students are keen on learning new languages, customs, cultural festivities and love interacting with people from other parts of the world

Multiple Intelligences

The Theory of Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner propounds that every individual has different intelligences; visual, linguistics, logical, bodily-kinesthetic, naturalistic, musical, and so on and that each individual tends to learn according to their preferred learning style or interests.

Teaching Multiple Intelligences
Preparatory Classwork

Preparatory Classwork

Preparatory children studied class-work where they studied the concept of 'Left' and 'Right'. Children enjoyed the Palm Tracing Activity taught by their Teacher. Taught classwork is enabling them become smarter and intelligent children. The interaction between students and teachers is creative and appealing for creating responsible adults for a bright future on June 30th

Yoga and Health Awareness Day

Health Awareness Day was celebrated on campus; students and teachers attended a special yoga and zumba session on the football field. Snacks and stalls entertained all after the event on 30th June 2018. Few parents also enthusiastically participated in the health awareness day celebrations

Yoga and Health Awareness
National Park-Zoo

Visit to Bannerghatta National Park-Zoo

The boarders enjoyed their outing to the Bannerghatta National Park on 28th Jul 2018. The visit was organized as a picnic for the residential students who were fascinated by the different animals and variety of birds and reptiles in the zoo. The students also learned about the concept of wildlife in a national park.

Eric Carles Day

Children of the Pre-primary Department celebrated 'Eric Carle's Day' on 26th June 2018. They were told the Story of the 'Hungry Caterpillar' and encouraged to make it a habit to read books. A visit to the Library was organized and children had a fun time listening to stories and watching a movie

Eric Carles
Prize Distribution

Prize Distribution and Investiture Ceremony

The 5th Prize Day & Investiture at Redbridge International Academy which was conducted on 23rd June 2018. Chief Guest was Dr. Rajendra Joshi, an academic leader. The Trustees, the Principal and Head Academics were present. Meritorious students in various disciplines were given prizes, the new student body was elected during the investiture.

First Assembly of the New Academic Year

The first assembly of the new academic year was conducted on 5th June 2018. Students and faculty were given a warm welcome during the orientation programme. Students said a prayer, sang a song and were introduced to their teachers thereafter, all of them were excited to start classes

First Assembly