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Redbridge International Academy is a leading school accredited to the Indian Council for Secondary Examination, also known as ICSE . Redbridge International Academy is founded on the principles of quality education with an emphasis on values of knowledge, integrity, discipline, and curiosity for learning. Although, we go beyond the formal education system and focus on the overall personality development of the child coupled with knowledge. Our goal is to inculcate a scientific mindset, national pride, and a global outlook in the children.

At Redbridge International Academy, we value education as the core of a strong foundation of life. It holds great significance in the overall growth and development of a person. School is the most important educational institution that shapes and moulds a child’s personality and prepares them to socialize, develop life skills, and also educate. As an educational institute of the highest standard, Redbridge International Academy empowers the children with necessary social skills and grooms them for the real world. The overall goal of education is to boost a child’s confidence by teaching them teamwork, equality, and knowledge which are necessary to live in society.
Redbridge International Academy offers the ISCE curriculum for Grade XI and XII; this facilitates vertical alignment of the ICSE curriculum into ISC and provides smooth transitioning for secondary school students into high school. At Redbridge International Academy, students can choose between the Science and Commerce streams. Redbridge International Academy, a leading ICSE School in Bangalore has been affiliated to Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations with the School Code – KA290.

How ICSE board helps your child

ICSE stands for Indian Certificate of Secondary Education and was first established by the Local Examinations Syndicate of the University of Cambridge. ICSE school curriculum has been designed to provide a course of general education, in accordance with the recommendations of the New Education Policy 1986, through the medium of English. ICSE typically is qualified by any student through an All-India Board Examination that is taken at the end of 10th Grade in School.

The syllabus followed in ICSE schools differs vastly from other board education patterns mainly in its content and volume. The board conducts an ICSE examination at the end of 10th grade and an Indian School Certification towards the end of 12th grade. At Redbridge International Academy;, ICSE has certain advantages over other boards

Advantages of ICSE over other boards are:

  1. The curriculum of Redbridge International Academy focuses on concepts and has a well-structured syllabus. ICSE has a more comprehensive syllabus and school curriculum. It encompasses all the subjects by giving equal importance to all.
  2. The syllabus and education of Redbridge International Academy has been designed to be more interesting and make hard concepts simplified into small comprehensible concepts.
  3. There are many schools, colleges, and universities that have a tie-up with many foreign colleges and universities, and students of Redbridge International Academy make it easy for these foreign universities. The ICSE certification is recognized around the world, particularly by foreign schools and universities when compared to the central board’s local margin.
  4. The syllabus of Redbridge International Academy has literature and grammar as two completely separate subjects and students need to take a 100 mark exam for both. ICSE lays great importance on the written and spoken English of children. As a result, the students from the ICSE board hold a slight edge over other students in exams like TOEFL.

Redbridge International Academy attempts to ensure a general education wherein all candidates are required to opt for a maximum of seven subjects and are also graded in “Socially Useful Productive Work and Community Service. ICSE offers a range of subject combinations and options that a student can choose from between the groups.

Why Redbridge International Academy?

Redbridge International Academy is one of the top school in Bangalore with world class boarding facilities. We consider student residence as the strength of the school and offers the best residential service to give a homely feeling to the students here. We are committed to delivering an environment that makes the child self-reliant and independent while breaking monotony and bond with their peers. Our major highlights are:

  1. Study room

Considering how important study ambiance is for children, we have designed the best study rooms with adequate numbers to ensure that students have ample interest in their studies. Every student has a table and chair and is monitored by the warden during their study time.

  1. Safety and Security

We understand as parents safety and security of your children is most important. We have 24/7 surveillance of the activities of the students with the CCTV cameras set around the campus.

  1. Medical care

A healthy body is a healthy mind. We place prime focus on the health of our students and have the best medical care for any emergencies with a well- equipped and functional infirmary.

  1. Sports facility

Sports are vital to the overall development of the child. We are stocked up with the latest and finest training equipment. There is a dedicated sports teacher to attend to children’s sports education.

This is a state of the art international school, situated in the countryside of Bengaluru: India’s Garden City, icse school near Electronic City. Both a day and boarding school, it is spread over a sprawling 13 acre environmentally-friendly campus. Our academic fraternity has a cross-spectrum of students and expert faculty from across India and abroad.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Indian School Certificate is a secure suitable representation of the Government of India education board. Students must have been awarded a Pass-certificate, under the requirements of the board at an equivalent examination.
There are two streams Science and Commerce under the ISC system. Students can choose either of these at the time of enrolling in the course.
English is a compulsory subject under ISC. A minimum of (3) other subjects apart from English must be chosen to be eligible for the award of a pass certificate. It is however advised that the student opts for at least four other subjects in addition to English.
NO, it is not difficult. It is a popular myth that ICSE or ISC is difficult when compared to CBSE, but it's not so. Both CBSE and ISC are Indian education boards and the methodologies are different, but, it is the clarity on concepts that matter. Once that is clear with students, scoring marks is easy
Currently, we are not offering coaching for entrance exams. In the coming years, it could definitely be a possibility.