“Best Institutional Architecture Award – BERG, Singapore in June 2015.

The campus of the Redbridge International Academy is an enriched environment ideal for learning. The campus reflects an aesthetic appeal, greenery, thoughtfulness, close interaction with nature. For our students, our campus is a place where they feel a sense of belonging. Many different learning tools are available to our students; from smart boards to laboratories and activity rooms. The classrooms in Redbridge are designed to inspire and excite students. Classrooms are spacious; they are illuminated by large windows, well-ventilated and well-lit.

The children are taught to respect and conserve the environment through various projects. Redbridge makes use of rainwater harvesting, organic farming, a solar power plant and a sewage treatment plant. By setting an example for our students, we can ensure that pupils of today grow up to be responsible citizens of tomorrow.

In acknowledgement of architectural elegance that fosters creativity, development and learning,Redbridge International Academy was awarded the “Best Institutional Architecture Award –BERG, Singapore in June 2015.

Facilities at Redbridge International Academy

Spread across a sprawling 13 acre campus with lush flora and fauna, the environment of Redbridge has been specially designed keeping our students in mind.

‘Brainfeed Magazine’ has placed Redbridge International Academy in the list of top 25 ICSE schools in Karnataka. We have also been ranked No. 1 in infrastructure by in 2016.
Step into our campus and you’ll discover creativity in the air – open spaces, lovely designs, and painted walls.
•Airy, spacious classrooms with good furniture and natural lighting equipped with Smart Boards
•State of the art Laboratories for Biology, Physics & Chemistry: all meeting international standards.
•Pottery room
•Creative Arts Programmes
•Dance & Drama studio
•Music room- Instrumental & Vocals
•Language labs
•Robotics lab
•Computer lab
•Outdoor & Indoor sports including football, cricket, basketball, hockey, badminton, volleyball, throw ball, athletics, skating, karate, snooker, table tennis, carom, squash, and yoga.
•SEN Dept
•Handpicked passionate and well qualified faculty
•Clean, Sanitized & swanky toilet block
•In-house Cafeteria
•Boarding facilities
•Fleet of Air Conditioned buses forTransport
•large open space for Outdoor learning
•Organic farming, Vermi composting
•Rain water harvesting, field visits


•CCTV cameras are installed in all classrooms and are continuously monitored.
•There are adequate security staff and adults present in the school to ensure school safety.
•The School transport is equipped with an RFID card system & Real Time Tracking of buses en route. All buses are equipped with GPS, CCTV cameras and speed governors for added safety.
•ID cards are mandatory for all of our staff and students.
•Round the clock (24-hour) power back-up from silent gensets.
•Sensitized support staff and sanitized campus
•CCTV surveillance of the entire campus with Security staffs at vantage points
•Thermal scanning at the main entrance with hand sanitisers placed around the campus
•Principal and Key staffs staying on Campus - reachable 365x24x7
As of now, our boarding facilities include a boy’s hostel, girl’s hostel, and staff quarters. In the near future our campus will include a principal’s bungalow and a guest house. Our campus also contains adequate parking space for school vehicles and visitors.
In addition to the safety features outlined above, Redbridge International Academy also makes use of “My Class Board (MCB). This is a school management system that allows all parents to login and see the performance of their child. Parents can also interact with any member of staff, coordinator, or the Principal at any time. This system helps to increase transparency and can assuage parents’ concerns about their children.
Redbridge International Academy is turning a new page in the chapter of world education. Our school is spread over a sprawling 13 acre campus with lush flora and fauna. Redbridge has state of the art infrastructure, a beautiful 13 acre school campus, a biodiversity park, combination of wide open spaces, abstract designs on colourful walls, well ventilated classrooms with smart boards and fully equipped science labs.
The school has an academic block, library, robotics room, math lab and computer labs available for all students right from primary to high school. The school offers co-education.
The school has dedicated spaces for learning music, dance, drama and art. The School emphasizes on whole education, academic rigor and excellence in mainstream subjects specifically, English, Math, Science and Computers along-with co-curricular activities.
The spacious campus has professional indoor and outdoor facilities for all major sports and co-curricular activities including facilities for athletics, football, cricket, basketball, badminton, tennis, table-tennis, handball, throw ball, karate, yoga, skating, billiard and squash. Swimming and horse riding are outsourced.
The environment of Redbridge has been designed keeping our students freedom in mind. Step in and you’ll discover creativity in the air – open spaces, abstract designs, colourful walls, airy classrooms, and labs complete with smart boards.
Apart from the teaching and training in Redbridge, our faculties are trained to make learning an invigorating process for our students. From special recreation to wall painting, Redbridge boasts a range of fun and exciting activities that set it apart from the rest. Redbridge International Academy is truly a wonderful place to enroll your children if you want to provide them with a rewarding learning experience.
Redbridge offers Sports as an integral componenent of its co-curricular activities. The creative facet of sport ensures that the responsibility of learning shifts from the teacher to the students, thereby making learning self-directed, student-centric and personalized. Sporting activities develop a healthy smart disposition in students and 21st century competences like team work, risk taking, group dynamics, decision making, physical fitness, mental agility and confidence. The Integrated sports complex has professional indoor and outdoor sports facilities for all major sports. Emphasis is laid on inter-school competitions and outdoor camps that encourage students to develop a healthy competitive streak

Outdoor Sports Facilities

Redbridge provides the children with the following outdoor sports facilities:
* Athletics      * Football     * Handball Court     * Skating Rink    * Football     * Basketball     
* Volleyball   * Long-jump     * Kabaddi             * Kho-kho
* Optional Adventure sports (trekking, rock climbing, rappelling, river rafting, sky diving, excursions and expeditionary field trips).

Indoor Sports Facilities

In addition to the numerous outdoor sporting facilities, Redbridge also offers a wide range of indoor sports:
* Table tennis     * Chess     * Yoga     * Badminton Courts    * Basketball    * Swimming and Horse riding are outsourced * Carrom    * Billiards/Snooker      * Modern Gymnasium   * Squash            * Aerobics        
* The school also has an indoor Auditorium provision with a green room, stage and seating for over 1000 viewers

The classrooms at Redbridge have been designed to incorporate the best aspects of the natural environment. The rooms are large, well-lit, well-ventilated, and contain the best that technology has to offer.

With only 20 children per classroom, the furniture has been designed with a strong emphasis on aesthetics, utility, and classroom management.

Classrooms are CCTv monitored with internet access and an interactive smart board for Audio visual learning that back up as a writing board too. Flooring and fittings offer sound absorption to prevent echo and concentration. Venetian blinds help control light as required for a strain free learning experience.

Classrooms are replete with Ergonomically designed individual furniture that gives flexibility, freedom and helps maintain personal space & distance to students. Individual furniture has been designed with a strong emphasis on aesthetics, utility, and classroom management.


Redbridge School Transport Management System helps to ensure the safety of our students by getting real time information from our school vehicles. The system deals with concerns like optimizing school bus drop patterns, children’s safety, and the driver’s driving.
There are female attendants in each bus until the final drop point. All buses are fitted with speed governors to limit the maximum speed that the vehicle can travel at, and a GPS tracking system. Our School Transport System also gives an alert message in the event of rash driving, over-speeding, breakdowns, or accidents.
Every parent can monitor and track their child’s bus route real-time from their phone. The GPS system used by Redbridge also has an inbuilt Attendance System. When the child enters the van in the morning, they swipe their ID card against a handheld device in every bus. The system registers the child’s pickup and marks them as present in the database. When returning, the handheld device will show the name and picture of the parent/guardian that is authorized to pick up the child. As soon as the child is dropped off, a notification message is sent to their parent. This is a prevention measure to prevent the children from being handed over an unauthorized person.
Redbridge takes utmost care in the safety and security of the children under its care.