Academics & Curriculum


Redbridge International Academy provides strong moral, intellectual, and academic support to children. We consider Social, Emotional, and Character Development (SECD) as an essential ingredient for academic excellence and success.

Redbridge International Academy prides itself on its ability to encourage academic development in children of all age groups. By promoting self-esteem through recognition of talent and by involving parents as responsible stakeholders in the school policy, Redbridge is able to provide life skills training facilitated by experts.

Redbridge International Academy fosters academic excellence, creativity and holistic child development through personalized attention. Redbridge is authorized to offer both ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) and IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education), Cambridge UK, curriculum. Redbridge is also accredited as an IB School and is authorised to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP)”.

The philosophy of Redbridge is to create a holistic learning experience where overall excellence in academics, sports, art, drama and music is promoted. The ethos is to creatively unlock the full potential by nurturing all 5 personalities of a child including aesthetic, cognitive, physical, spiritual and social development. The school strives at molding its students to excel in academics by the application of shared knowledge and teamwork right from pre-primary to high school.

The school also provides strong moral development, research inclination and competency building to children of all age groups through co-curricular activities. Subjects like Art, Drama, Sport, Music and Community Service are given equal importance to subjects like English, Science, Math, Social Studies and Computers. Expert Faculty teach using the interdisciplinary approach that enhances concept thinking and help students understand applications of different concepts to real life.

The best teaching practices utilized ICSE and IGCSE academic curriculum delivery include:

1. Enquiry based learning

2. Differentiated instruction

3. Inclusive education

4. Interdisciplinary instruction

5. Experiential and expeditionary learning

6. Nurturing multiple intelligences

7. Assessment for learning

8. Utilizing emerging technology for creativity