Boarding School in Bangalore

Boarding School in Bangalore | Residential School Bangalore

Redbridge International Academy provides a welcoming and holistic environment for our boarding students to live in.

The lush green environment of the school both motivates and encourages the students to learn more about the world around them. Redbridge follows a Code of Conduct with clearly defined parameters.

This encourages students to assume a responsible role in the boarding community and to be sensitive to each other’s customs and cultural values.

This facilitates the growth of mutual respect among the students from across the country and other parts of the world.

Boarding Facilities

The Hostel

At Redbridge International Academy, the hostel blocks are spacious, well-lit, and ingeniously designed. The rooms in each flat can comfortably accommodate three students. The hostel and the dining block are conveniently close to each other, making it easy for students to go for meals. House parents are in charge of the hostels and ensure efficient time-management. They are also responsible for monitoring the students’ sports, games and outings. Redbridge maintains a high level of security with guards on duty at all hours of the day. They ensure that no student can leave the campus without authorized permission and instructions from the concerned school authority.


Redbridge offers healthy, hot and freshly made buffet meals to all its children. A proper and nutritious diet is essential for the balanced & all-round growth of any child. The nutritious and nourishing diet that is followed by our students goes a long way in ensuring a healthy and active future.

The kitchen and the dining area at Redbridge are of the highest standard and are very well- equipped. Experienced kitchen staff prepare hygienic, wholesome meals for our students. The kitchen follows a two-week rotational menu, providing students with a wide array of healthy and tasty meals. The food service is buffet style and all boarders, day-scholars, faculty, and support staff are encouraged to partake of meals served on campus. The students are trained on table mannerisms and social etiquette.

Medical Care

Redbridge International Academy is one of the few boarding schools in Bangalore with a full-time nurse to ensure the health of boarders. If in need of further medical attention, boarders are taken to the hospital for special care and their parents are kept informed of their ward’s condition.

Weekend Activities

Boarders can enjoy the full range of sporting activities that Redbridge International Academy has to offer. Boarders wishing to practice co-curricular activities such as music, dance, arts, and pottery are aided by the resident faculty. On the weekends boarders can also visit the cinema, amusement parks or malls.


All boarders are expected to hand in their laundry to the housekeeping staff. Their laundry will be washed, ironed, and returned by the following laundry day. For easy identification of clothes, it is recommended that all students write their names on their clothes with a waterproof marker.

Dedicated Staff at the Boarding School

Our efficient and caring staff is responsible for maintaining the positive atmosphere of the hostels, the rooms, and the surroundings. The staff is always available and is at the heart of our boarding school.