With the advent of the internet, knowledge is just a click away. However, there is still a large deficiency in schools today including ability to cope with knowledge obsolescence, real life application of subject learning, career options, research projects and a genuine transformation in thought and character.

Redbridge International Academy is an institution which strives to fulfill all of these beyond the scope of conventional academics.

At Redbridge, we utilize a wide range of diverse teaching methods such as differentiated instruction, inquiry based learning, inclusivity and the interdisciplinary approach which work hand in hand, to help Redbridge’s integrated curriculum bridge the knowledge gap and allow children to unlock their full potential.

Our mission is to create well informed, respectable, global citizens who will strive to "Stride Ahead and Reach Beyond".

Redbridge is rooted in value based education, which is the fundamental tenet of imbibing wisdom and understanding. By treating every child with trust and encouragement, we begin the process of holistic education by complimenting the child’s innate abilities. At Redbridge apart from academic excellence, we nurture competences in children, such as leadership initiative, team building, decision making, problem solving and risk taking.

Together, our teachers and students are able to weave in transdisciplinary research concepts of applied knowledge relevant for current or future world scenarios. The learning environment at Redbridge is defined by allowing learners to discover themselves and the world around them through a well- developed and balanced international curriculum.