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Welcome to Redbridge International Academy

Redbridge International Academy is an Best International Schools in Bangalore authorized to offer both ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) and IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education, Cambridge UK) Curriculum. Redbridge is also accredited as an IB School and is authorised to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP)...

Complete with an aesthetic appeal, open spaces, spacious classrooms, and ample room for children to learn and play; Redbridge fosters creativity and holistic development through personalized attention. This is a state of the art international school, situated in the countryside of Bengaluru: India’s Garden City, near Electronic City. Both a day and boarding school, it is spread over a sprawling 13 acre environmentally-friendly campus. Our academic fraternity has a cross-spectrum of students and expert faculty from across India and abroad.
What do we do at Redbridge International Academy?
Redbridge International Academy is an International school in Bangalore that offers high quality education ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education), IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education, Cambridge UK) and IB (International Baccalaureate) Curriculum. We work with each child and devise individual learning goals that are bespoke and unique to their needs. Our strong focus is on student well-being and providing a supportive environment with dynamic teaching practices. We strongly believe in an all-round approach that leads to personal and academic success, and that characterizes us among the best international schools in Bangalore.
Redbridge, an international school, has the best infrastructural facilities from spacious classrooms to play areas with personalized learning to meet the needs of all students. Our International school is a culturally diverse community with students having linguistic diversity and mixed ethnicity. Each student is valued and nurtured through the international curriculum. Located in the surroundings of Begur and Electronic City, Bangalore, our school is one of a kind that aims to develop the attitudes, skills, and the comprehension needed to build student's abilities.
We have high academic standards and offer classes for the Primary Years, Middle School Years, and High School Programmes. These basic years of education align the overall and unique developmental needs of students from age 4 through to pre-university years. We, as an International School in Bangalore, are committed to re-imagine education for tomorrow's needs and take learning beyond the walls of a classroom. We provide plenty of opportunities for students in sports, arts, and volunteering and thereby challenge our students to evolve and progress in their field of interest. Our campus is strategically close to the tech parks and IT hubs of Bannerghatta and Begur & Electronic City providing fantastic opportunities for innovative educational development of children. The comprehensiveness of our program ensures that our students are well prepared for life at leading universities worldwide.
Being the top international school in Bangalore, Red Bridge International Academy promises high-quality learning for all its pupils. Our students have the opportunity to explore their passions, develop their inquisitiveness, and set their benchmarks. Join RBIA and let your child explore the unique learning experiences and thereby nurture their curiosity and deep thinking through creativity.

Redbridge International School Bangalore

Our Mission

"To mould independent, thoughtful, and compassionate individuals who will play a positive and responsible role in contributing to the progress of the country in the changing global environment"

Here at Redbridge, we are a family. Our faculty implements best academic practices in international education in shaping the educational experience.

Our Vision

"To create and nurture a learning culture that believes in change through education"

At Redbridge International Academy, we have adopted integrated, interdisciplinary teaching & learning methods,with latest technology to assist in curriculum delivery. We would like to welcome you to embark on a rewarding journey with us, towards a bright future for your child.

Why Redbridge International Academy?

Boarding Schools in Bangalore

At Redbridge International Academy small class sizes helps with personalized learning. Individual attention given by teachers ensures academic and all round development of each child.

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Redbridge International Academy provides an environment that enhances creative thinking and creative learning, where children are allowed to learn all subjects, using their imagination in an enriched environment.

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At Redbridge International Academy the ability to learn a combination of subjects in both a scientific and artistic manner ensures that children understand the concept behind each lesson.

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At Redbridge International Academy the beautiful green campus has a fresh and inviting appeal with large classrooms and safe open play areas. This promotes calm, peaceful, relaxed environs to ...

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Redbridge International Academy has state of the art facilities with digital technology that utilizes creative tools in curriculum delivery. Students are engaged with game based learning, virtual reality.

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At Redbridge International Academy, teachers meet high academic standards as well as practical experience in international education. All faculties are trained in international curriculum...

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The philosophy of the Redbridge International Academy is to create a holistic learning experience where overall excellence in academics, sports, art, drama and music is promoted.

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Our school has its educational foundation in traditional universal values of love, respect, discipline & honesty. Students essentially understand that good manners & behavior are a part of overall personality development.

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Redbridge International Academy has won several prestigious awards, by reputed organizations, in several categories including best infrastructure provision, green campus, individual attention to students.

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At Redbridge International Academy, students can also avail the best of both worlds by staying on campus throughout the week as boarders, and enjoy their family time at home, over the weekends.

Facilities At Redbridge International Academy

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Redbridge has state of the art infrastructure, a beautiful 13 acre school campus, combination of wide open spaces, and abstract designs on colourful walls.

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Spread across a sprawling 13 acre campus with lush flora and fauna, the environment of RBIA has been specially designed keeping our students in mind.

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Redbridge provides the children different outdoor sports facilities. In addition, Redbridge also offers a wide range of indoor sports for children to take part in.

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The classrooms at Redbridge have been designed to incorporate the best aspects of the natural environment. The rooms are large, well-lit, well-ventilated, and contain the best.

The International School Bangalore- Transport Facilities

Redbridge School Transport Management System helps to ensure the safety of our students by getting real time information from our school vehicles.

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Redbridge International Academy provides a welcoming and holistic environment for our boarding students to live in. RBIA follows a “Code of Conduct" with clearly defined parameters.

Admission Form

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Redbridge International Academy has 400+ students enrolled in different curriculums

Admissions are open through the year; however the admission policy favors completion of all procedures by 31st June of every academic year.


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Our Curriculum

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Pre-Primary Curriculum

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Core Team

At the Redbridge International Academy, teachers meet high academic standards as well as have practical experience in international school education. All faculties are trained in international curriculum, best practices, assessment methods and pedagogy by internationally accredited bodies like Cambridge and the IBO. We have world-renowned education experts on our advisory board and core team.

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Pranav Premkumar - Student

I am a proud Rbian. I joined Redbridge International Academy this year and have already enjoying the enthusiastic atmosphere here. We have a great school with good teachers and some amazing students. The teaching methods here are so innovative that we are able to avail practical understanding of theoretical topics in all subjects. The interactive smart boards make learning a very enriching experience. I get to learn arts, music, sports and get to participate in a lot of extra-curricular activities. I love my school!

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Deepa Swamy - Parent

Just want to thank you immensely for the amazing work your team has been doing. I can see Sathvik improving day by day in his academics and his level of confidence. I can see that his marks are good and we are so proud of him. This is great; thanks to you all!

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Buddesh.A Kikani - Parent

Congratulations for the successful completion of another academic year at Redbridge. We are proud to be associated with Redbridge as Daivya's first school. Daivya fondly remembers his teachers and all his classmates. Thank you very much for your blessings and support throughout. We checked his IEO test results online and we are proud that he secured first rank in school and fourth in state. He could not have achieved this without your encouragement and belief in him.

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Rooted in Values

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Heaven for Creativity

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Boarding at Redbridge

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Frequently Asked Questions

Redbridge International Academy takes safety of students very seriously and has implemented several measures to provide a safe environment to students.
From large playgrounds to basketball arena, swimming pool, and many other facilities make Redbridge International Academy the right school for students.
Students can take part in co-curricular activities covering realm of arts, music, performing arts, and fine arts.
We focus on overall development of students rather than making students bookworms. Our teaching is modern and at the same time it values importance of knowledge sharing.
You can go through our admissions page to view all the details about the admission process we follow.
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