Key Members


Mr. Alok Mittal - Head, Administration

We have state of the art infrastructure on the Redbridge school campus, with all sporting facilities. We have won several prizes for our architecture as an institute. I am in-charge of maintaining the beautiful campus premises, logistics and upkeep of infrastructure provisions. Our classrooms are equipped with latest technology for curriculum delivery. We are looking at expansion plans and upgrading our existing facilities so that we can cater to enhanced student numbers on campus. Our hostel and residential facility is on a par with best Schools in India. We have regular inspections from quality evaluation organizations. Our security, buses and estate is equipped with real time tracking devices. We have a good team to maintain daily operations on campus, and ensure well-being of students and staff studying on campus.


Karen Kunder - Head, Academics and IBDP Coordinator

In today's dynamic global economy, centered on the development and exchange of knowledge and information, individuals prosper, who are fluent in several disciplines and comfortable moving among them. Creativity, adaptability, critical reasoning, and collaboration are highly valued skills. When it comes to fostering those skills in the classroom, integrated study is an extremely effective approach, helping students develop multifaceted expertise and grasp the important role interrelationships can play in the real world. Integrated studies, sometimes called interdisciplinary studies, brings together diverse disciplines in a comprehensive manner, enabling students to develop a meaningful understanding of the complex associations and influences within a topic. A happy by-product of this approach, which is often coupled with project-based learning, is that it makes school more interesting and productive for students and teachers.At Redbridge International Academy, we foster this integrated study, which brings about increased understanding, retention, and application of general concepts. Integrated learning enhances increased motivation, ability to identify, assess, and transfer significant information needed for solving novel problems. Students work is presented to, and assessed by, fellow students, teachers, and parents. That way, at RBIA we build into the school a system, a cycle of improvement.


Dr. Moses Satralkar - Head, Business Development and Academic Placements

My endeavor is to ensure the overall capacity building of the Redbridge International Academy in the areas of internationalism, brand building, outreach for enrollments that encompasses areas of marketing and admissions; website content, media publications, organizing collaborations, IBDP teaching, research, teacher training, teacher placements and student placements. We currently serve a parent clientele located in Bangalore and representing other states across the country, however, we aspire to develop the international market to bring in a cross-spectrum of students and staff from different countries at Redbridge. I am coordinating efforts for development of the school in all areas, integration of all stakeholders, as well as intellectual capacity building of our faculty. I am organizing additional education programs to augment holistic development of our students. Simultaneously, I am organizing collaborations with some of the best Universities in the world, facilitating career guidance for high school students to embark on higher education in reputed Universities. Our institutional accreditation's, academic curriculum, faculty, infrastructure and educational experience is progressing on a par with the best International Schools in India. My personal philosophy of holistic spiritual development as an Educator is aligned with the Leadership of the Advisory committee.