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10 May

An Insight into Importance of School Architecture and Classroom Design for Students

School is considered a second home for children and as such, architecture of your kid's schools has a significant influence......


05 May

Value of Art and Craft for Overall Growth and Development of School Children

Recent studies highlight the importance of art and craft for children and the intellectual as well as emotional impact it...


15 Mar

What is the Importance of Lower Teacher Student Ratio in Classrooms?

Earlier it used to be like 40-50 students in one class, this negatively affected quality of studies and their learning. But, today the scenario has changed....


05 May

Schooling And Brain Development

The right and left hemispheres of the brain control various functions of body and mind.


31 Oct

Sensory Preferences For Learning

"Sensory Preference" refers to the preference an individual possesses in relation.